Feeding Yourself Right is Key to Better Joint and Bone Health

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Best Diet and Workout for Your Bones and Joints

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Ayurveda has a strong belief in that what you consume has outward manifestations in your body and its abilities. Naturally, this will also translate to the strength of your muscles, joints and bones. That being said, eating foods that are rich in calcium, Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids promote tissue growth which make them the best foods for bone health and joint health.

Foods for Bone Care

A healthy balanced diet will get you there. But the bones need calcium and Vitamin D to absorb calcium healthily. Deficiency of which can lead to brittle bones. An adult needs about 700 mg of calcium daily. Calcium keeps your bones strong and is a crucial building block to ensure healthy bone growth.

Here are a few natural calcium sources:

  • Milk or general dairy products
  • Green leafy vegetables, broccoli and cabbage
  • Soybeans and soy products
  • Nuts
  • Some fish like sardines

In addition to eating these foods, make sure you get your daily dose of sunlight by going for a walk in the daytime to soak up that Vitamin D.

Foods for Joint Care

Joint care is tricky. Joint pain may come from hereditary causes or from using a joint too often. The joint is also made up of more than bone, involving cartilage, ligaments and other tissue as well. Good foods for joints are those with high levels of fatty acids like Omega 3 as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

These foods are rich in Omega 3s:

Best Exercises for Joints and Bones

Now that you know what to eat, another important factor of Ayurveda is doing things that can help facilitate recovery.

Naturally, you may not be in the place to engage in rigorous physical exercise. But using exercises to help strengthen the muscle tissue around your joints and bones can act as a splint, effectively bracing them with muscle tissues. Below you will find a few pointers on gentle yoga exercises to strengthen your bones and joints.


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