Fidget Spinning for Health: Fitness on the Go with a Fidget Spinner

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How to Exercise with a Fidget Spinner

We bet you’ve seen these. We bet you’ve played with them too. Usually, they are seen as low-tech devices that can help with anxiety. But apart from stress toys for kids, fidgets for ADHD and autism are also making waves.

A Fidget Inspired Workout

So, we at allAyurveda took up a challenge to try and add hand fidgets to your fitness routine. The best way to add these spinnin’ gadgets to your exercise time is to use them as a timer. You heard us! Sometimes, it’s just about that one thing that keeps us motivated and excited about exercise – and that thing can be this handy little device.

How do I time my workout with a spinner?

That being said, you start and stop your exercise as the spinner spins. Only stop when the spinner stops spinning completely. Also, make sure that you count your reps so you can assess how much work you’ve gotten into those muscles.

If your spinners continues to spin for an eternity, simply take a small break for 5-7 seconds and resume your exercise to catch your breath.

What do you need for fidget spinning for health?

The best kind of spinner is a metal-body fidget spinner with ceramic ball bearings. This will give you the longest spin time. Then, of course, you’ll need your workout gear.

How many reps should I do?

Honestly, the exercises can be done as long as the spinner is spinning – and as many times as you like. The best way is to do each exercise in the list below 2-3 times before powering through to the next one. Do whatever works for you.

Fidget Spinner Exercises

Exercise Focus Area
Butterfly sit-up Core
Air skips Total body
Glute bridge Total body
Good mornings Upper body
Squat jump Lower body

Of course, you can switch things up and try different things.

We also like to do the same with yoga.

Meanwhile…in Kitty Paradise.


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