Fight Like a Girl for Female Sexual Health

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Sexual Wellness for Women: A 101 Approach

Woman’s sexuality, especially in countries such as India, have been left outside of the limelight. While sexuality itself has been glamorized, the very notion of a female sexual health has been left shrouded in cobwebs.

It is almost common for sexuality in India (barring magazines) to not be talked about. The irony of which, India being one of the largest populations in the world. As such, women in particular are marginalized when it comes to sexual well-being.

That being said and given our incongruent attitude towards statistics, here is a guide to sexual health for women.

How to Improve Your Sexual Health Naturally

Ayurveda believes that are certain practices you may adopt to naturally improve your sexual wellness. It is best to have sex during the full moon at 10 pm, this is due to our stamina being at its peak during this time.

You should additionally wait at least 2 hours after you eat before sex. So, ideally you should have your last meal at around 8 pm.

If you are not mentally prepared for intimacy with your partner, or if you are feeling lethargic, stressed or angry you should not have sex. Sex is a unison of the mind and body with another, it is important to be in harmony to largely enjoy having sex. Ensure you are in the right frame of mind, and even physically well enough to engage in sex.

Set the mood. Consider mood lighting a few candles. Offer your partner a massage with a relaxing massage oil. You can follow that up with a soothing bath to get you in the mood as well.

If you’ve ever studied Ayurvedic Ritucharya you know the importance of seasonal living and eating. That too can apply to how you might approach your sex life. Winter is an incredibly apt time to have sex as our internal fires are well stoked.

During spring time limit sex to thrice a week, and during the monsoons that should be at the lowest.

The takeaway with frequency is moderation can best help anticipation.

Female Libido Enhancers

Severe stress and face packed work environments that accompany this can a lack of sexual arousal. To beat this we recommend have Shilajeet tablets twice a day after meals. You can get Shilajeet now from our shop.

Remember if you’re sexually active its important to talk your female sexual wellness as a matter of seriousness. Looking after your sexual health is also the responsible thing to do not just for your partner, but yourself. Stay healthy and happy!


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