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Shaurya found what he was looking for in AllAyurveda’s Graduate Internship Program, which gives interns the opportunity to work with AllAyurveda’s experts: an unparalleled learning experience backed with hands-on support and mentorship.

“I was attracted to AllAyurveda’s Graduate Internship Program, which allowed me to work on a specific and meaningful project while being encouraged to develop myself professionally,” he says.

“I admire AllAyurveda’s global reputation and knew the training and development I would receive would be world class.”

Shaurya entered AllAyurveda’s Graduate Internship Program in the summer of 2016 – taking the first step towards a career at AllAyurveda.

Top-tier training

To help Shaurya adjust smoothly from the classroom to the workplace, AllAyurveda ensured he had access to a diverse range of training and learning opportunities when he joined the Graduate Internship Program.

“I came into the program without background knowledge of the Ayurveda industry,” he explains. “AllAyurveda helped me learn about the upstream business and equipped me with knowledge about the safety culture at AllAyurveda.”

Building that knowledge meant connecting with AllAyurveda’s employee networks for professional seminars, as well as hands-on visits to different AllAyurveda’s vendors to learn about operations.

“AllAyurveda’s Graduate Internship Program was an opportunity to showcase what I could deliver, as well as cultivate new skills,” says Shaurya Kishore who now heads the company’s business development efforts.

“I was able to have face-to-face discussions with professionals who helped me learn the different skills that I needed to use in my daily work,” claims the hardworking professional.

This emphasis on building an array of skills would play a big role in Shaurya’s success.

Inside the Graduate Internship Program

Once at work in the Graduate Internship Program, Shaurya found himself adding to the knowledge base he had acquired, both through his own project work and in collaboration with other AllAyurveda team members.

“My main focus was my internship project, but I also played a supporting role in the Business Development team, where I was responsible for vendor relations, research and submission of work orders and requests,” he tells us.

In addition to developing his industry knowledge, Shaurya had the chance to improve some key soft skills as well.

“I learned how important it is to build relationships as I was able to gain valuable insight and knowledge from professionals,” he affirms. “My time management skills were also improved, as my internship project was very self-driven.”

Participants in AllAyurveda’s Graduate Internship Program are empowered to make a real contribution, and can have a meaningful impact on AllAyurveda’s operations. It was this emphasis on individual motivation that made Shaurya’s time in the program so rewarding.

“I did receive guidance from my supervisor, mentor and the rest of the AllAyurveda team, but the program challenged me to spearhead the project and really take the initiative to make it happen,” he says.

“I really enjoyed the work because my project findings could be applied to other AllAyurveda assets and future developments.”

A career transition

Shaurya learned a lot during the three months he spent in AllAyurveda’s Graduate Internship Program. While completing his studies, Shaurya was offered and accepted a position as Head of Business Development with AllAyurveda at their Mumbai office.

“My favourite thing about my current role is the hands-on responsibility,” beams the busy fellow.

Shaurya ensures his work puts him in touch with a broad range of industry professionals as well as interacting with clients to serve them better.

“Even though it’s busy, it’s also a dynamic environment and I am always learning,” says Shaurya.

“My three-month internship gave me the opportunity to understand how much AllAyurveda invests in their new talent,” he explains. “I was also able to learn about the training and different roles that you get exposed to in the AllAyurveda Graduate Program.”

“My positive internship experience confirmed my desire to work with AllAyurveda,” he reveals.

Shaurya’s career at AllAyurveda

Now that he’s moved into his first career role at AllAyurveda, Shaurya is already looking ahead to the future.

“I have some big ambitions for my future at AllAyurveda,” states the enthusiastic recruit. “My goal is to work internationally and I feel the AllAyurveda Graduate Program is providing me with the learning and development I need to make me eligible for this opportunity.”

Shaurya’s operations role will equip him with technical skills that are a good foundation for a future management position. AllAyurveda also connects new hires and interns with him as mentor to provide valuable career insight and guidance – another great avenue for Shaurya as he builds his career.

“The program helped me to confirm my ambition to work for AllAyurveda full-time and become part of the AllAyurveda Graduate Program,” he says.

“AllAyurveda’s Graduate Internship Program is a great opportunity to work and learn with an industry leader and a community of talented professionals.


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