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by Allayurveda
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Technology is creeping in to our daily routines for better or for worse, most times for the better though. It’s amazing how much technology can do for us today and how dependent we’ve become on it. From personal assistants, to social apps, to fitness apps, they’re all out there and changing our lives for the better. So if you’ve decided that this year you’d like to get fit you should do it the way the millennials are. We’ve come up with a guide to get you up to speed with the current trending workout gadgets.

Fitness Trackers: It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. Oh, it’s my Fitness Band!

Fitness trackers, or fitness bands are like the super heroes in your fitness regime. They come packed with so many cool features and linked to health apps too. Most trackers include an accelerometer, and gyroscope to monitor steps and movement like a pedometer. However, these days trackers are loaded with additional features like accelerometers, and barometers to measure change in altitudes and atmospheric pressure. That means they can even tell if you’re climbing stairs, and how many of them. Yes, all of this in one single band! Most of them come paired with an app which monitors your daily readings, analyses it and suggests personalized workouts for you, like your own personal trainer, only available at your beck and call at anytime. So if you’re looking at where you should start with your fitness regime, getting yourself a fitness band is a good place.

Fitbit is a great health monitor band. Garmin Vivosmart is one of the best fitness tracker for weight loss. Some of the other really cool ones are Mi Band 2, Jawbone UP3, or Jaybird reign. They come in various affordable price ranges, so there’s one out there for everyone. Find yours today!

Heart Rate Monitor: It Won’t Ever Break your Heart

Another really reliable pick from all the fitness gadgets is the heart rate monitor. Like the name suggests, this handy little device monitors your heart rate to analyse how hard you are working out, and suggests adjustments to help you get the most benefit from your workout session. Heart rate monitors generally come as a wireless chest strap, which sends data to a monitor worn on the wrist, generally a smart watch or phone. They are usually used for cardiovascular exercise like walking, running and hiking. It’s one of the best workout gadgets. Some of our oh-so-fancy smartphones come loaded with inbuilt heart rate monitors which collaborate with inbuilt fitness apps, to optimize your fitness regime. However if your phone doesn’t have one, get yourself one now! You can use it to check if your heart really skips a beat when your with that special someone

Compression Pants: For the Greek God in You

We all want to look as sleek and aerodynamic as we can, showing off those tight muscles and cuts. It makes you feel good, it does, like literally. Compression pants are not just your regular skin tight spandex pants. They are designed with tighter elastic to hold shape better. It delivers graduated pressure, meaning they are tighter around the knees and ankles giving you overall better blood circulation. Better blood circulation helps you be your best at your workout. So pull these on when you’re going for your daily run. These are easily available at your regular sports stores, Adidas, Nike, and so on.

Smartphones: They’re Smarter than You Think

There are so many amazing fitness apps out there which you can download on your smartphone. They will do everything for you, from being your personal trainer to organizing your daily routine, making suggestions and personalized fitness regimes for you and only you, it will even keep you motivated to stick to your routine. Try the MyFitnessPal or RunKeeper to get you started.

The Great World Wide Web

You can never stop exploring the great internet. There are some really cool and informative, health and fitness website guides you can visit for answers, personalized diets, and workout sessions. Some of them even have apps linked to them which you can then download. There are some great sites to visit with nutritionists and expert opinions.

So there, we’re trying to bring you closer to fitness and technology all at once. Happy workout!


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