Five Types of Tea for Five Types of Problems

by Allayurveda
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Drinking tea is often thought to be a quintessential British past time. Where ‘tea-goers’ pop into some fancy Ritz like hotel, sit in an overly antiquated (yet classy) room, and enjoy a nice cup of piping hot tea, scones, sandwiches and pastry. Not to mention being serenaded by a violist. But tea’s history dates further back than the British to ancient China. Where tea was created by brewing leaves and water together. The Chinese also have found the health benefits of tea, that have recently become synonymous with a healthy drink in the West.

The thing is that they are right. Various studies have shown the health benefits of tea. They range from soothing and calming effects, to properties that suggests tea’s may have anti-carcinogenic properties. Even the ability to support cardiovascular health. Here are a few help benefits of different types of teas you can use to help you with everyday ailments.

The Tummy Beast not by Roald Dahl

Short of your stomach lining being made of lead, you’ve had some sort of dietary kerfuffle. Ginger tea, or even adding ginger to your cuppa’ can soothe the savage beast, and even act as one of the best natural remedies for nausea.

Hit the Hay, oh Haai!

Vervain, not just useful for putting vampires to bed. Vervain can also help you catch up on some rest and get your daily dose of 8. Other teas to try include, lavender or chamomile which also have sedative properties.

Head off that Headache

This one is a concoction, that will help stop your noggin from knocking. Cinnamon is rich in manganese and iron, which can help stem your headache. Brew it with lemongrass for its anti-anxiety benefits.

Fast ‘Fast Foods’ Cheat Relief

Green tea is your choice option here. Green tea has thermogenic properties that help burn away fat by turning up your metabolism.

Feelin’ the blues with PMS?

Simmer some sage with your back tea. Studies on sage suggest they have the ability to relieve pain, cramps and lift the mood. Try mixing it with lemon and honey for some additional calming effects, not to mention great taste.

We live in a big bad, beautiful world full of twist and turns, before something wicked your way comes, stock up on some teas to get you through the day.


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