Four Ways Reading Can Directly Impact Your Writing Skills

by Allayurveda
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What you read directly affects how you write. If you don’t have time to read, you won’t have the tools to write either. Readers understand how reading affects writing positively. Readers understand thoughts and learn how to structure those thoughts into a sentence. Readers also understand words and the connection they make with thoughts. Writing often comes naturally to avid readers because they understand the connection between thoughts and words.

How Reading Affects Writing

These are just some of the ways reading can help make you a better writer.


Readers are accustomed to structuring sentences. They have seen good sentence structure so many times that it starts to come naturally to them. A lot of this also depends on the quality of material you are reading. Readers are also used to seeing writers use different styles of writing. They learn to play around with different writing styles and use them according to the mood of the piece being written.


Good grammar automatically makes sense to avid readers. They understand how different figures of speech fit together. They understand punctuation and how one comma or apostrophe can change the whole meaning of the sentence. Grammar can be improved through reading which then shows through in your writing too.

Understand the Thoughts of the Writer

Frequent readers are able to understand the thoughts of the writer. They are able to transport themselves and visualize what the author is saying through his words. Being able to understand thoughts is a great asset while writing. It helps you become the author you want to be.

Vocabulary and Creativity

Good readers have seen so much diverse content that they know how to make writing interesting. They understand the level of creativity required as a writer to be able to transport your audience to the scene you are describing. Such creative and powerful writing can only be made possible with the aid of great vocabulary.

Apart from reading with the goal of becoming a great writer, reading is also a great de-stressing agent. Unlike television where you actually see what’s going on, reading allows you to be your own director of the scene and allows your imagination to run wild.


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