Garshana: Detoxify at Home with Ayurvedic Skin Brushing

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The Ayurvedic Massage for Clear Skin

Ayurveda has several practices when it comes to living a holistic life. Physicality is a large part of this holistic living. Not just being physically active but taking care of your body physically. Massage is a great way to do this.

What is Garshana?

This is traditionally an Ayurvedic dry massage used for skin detox. It is considered the best detox for skin because it focuses on stimulating the tactile and lymphatic systems simultaneously. The dry skin brushing massage technique allows for the removal of internal toxins by enhancing blood circulation. This also is great for the removal of external toxins, bacteria and dead skin layers.

Ayurveda believes that performing Garshana is a means of alleviating the build up of Kapha dosha in your body (especially in winter-spring). Excessive Kapha can be related to large deposits of unwanted fats and minerals, and a Garshana literally dislodges these deposits.

How to Perform Garshana

You will need silk gloves (also called Garshana gloves). If you don’t have access to the gloves, use a loofah, dry exfoliating brush or sponge. The best time to perform Garshana is in the morning before you bathe, simply because when you do shower, you will wash away impurities from your skin.

Follow these steps to successfully pull off your first Ayurvedic Garshana experience:

  • Wear the gloves or take the dry brush/loofah/sponge in your hands.
  • Gently massage your entire body except for your face and chest. Also, avoid sensitive areas of skin, and inflamed areas as well.
  • Perform gentle circular motions around the stomach and joints.
  • Use long motions on the limbs.
  • Apply small pressure under the underarms, and a little more pressure on the soles of your feet.
  • Make sure to always massage in an upwards motion or as a guide, always massage towards your heart to increase the lymphatic system response.
  • Perform this massage for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Shower to Finish the Garshana

As mentioned earlier, you want to shower at the end of your massage to remove toxins. You could also consider having a contrast shower where you repeat cycles of cold and hot water for a few seconds. Sports science and Ayurveda has shown this to not only to increase blood flow and circulation, but alleviate pain and aid in sport injury recovery. Not to mention you will feel amazing after this!


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