Gloriously Unhealthy ‘Health Foods’ We Just Can’t Give Up

by Allayurveda
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We know that health foods are in. Everyone’s migrating to eating healthy and for most of us it’s become part of routine now. Well, we’re going to bust a few myths about some of those supposed healthy foods, that aren’t actually that healthy for you after all.

MythBust #1 Corn is good, corn and cheese, not so much

Corn is amazing, right? It tastes great and comes packed with multiple health, skin and hair benefits. Corn is a great source of antioxidants. Precisely why corn is one of the most popular health snacks. Sure, boiled corn is a great health food but when you add dollops of butter and cheese to it, it becomes junk food. Processed butter and processed cheese are filled with saturated fats. If you are trying to shed a few pounds, you should stop using butter in your corn immediately, it’s one of the top fattening foods to avoid. Switch to seasoning your corn with natural herbs like oregano. It tastes great!

MythBust #2 Whole wheat bread may actually be bad for you

Here’s a fun fact, most whole wheat breads aren’t necessarily ‘whole wheat.’ Everyone started switching from white bread to brown bread a few years ago. It was the new ‘in’ thing and before we knew it everyone was hooked on brown bread! Here’s the thing though, whole wheat bread can actually have a very similar glycemic index to that of white bread. The grains used in whole wheat bread have been ground into flour, this makes them raise your blood sugar just as quick as white bread would. While brown bread would still be categorized as the healthier option, we recommend don’t go overboard with this one. It’s actually one of the bad foods to eat, not one of the good ones.

MythBust #3 Turns out everything fruit related is not always healthy

We’ve grown up having a glass of fruit juice in the morning to get our ‘health’ on. Major myth crash about to land. Fruit juices are not actually good for you. We’d like to believe so, but they’re not, they’re basically just liquid sugar. The basic theory is that fruit juices come from fruit so they have to healthy, right? The truth is, fruit juices are highly processed. Some of them don’t even have fruit in them, just loaded with artificial flavoring. Oh, and let’s not forget the tons of sugar that goes into these juices. Sometimes almost as high as a sugar sweetened carbonated beverage. So do away with those carton juices which you buy from the supermarket. Switch to fresh juices blended at home instead. We know it’s a lot more work, it will take you miles ahead in your health regime though.

MythBust #4 Fat-free foods will not fix you

Fat-free foods are highly processed. There was a huge hue and cry about saturated fats being bad for you. Manufacturers then switched to fat-free foods which basically meant that they were removing all the fats completely from foods. What sucks is that food without fat just doesn’t taste good. What manufacturers started doing to compensate for that is adding loads of sugar to their foods. By now, we all know how bad sugar is for us, add that up with multiple levels of processing and it becomes one big pile of delicious unhealthy snacks. Quit them today!

MythBust #5 Flavored Oatmeal, Lose them today.

Oatmeal is great. It’s always been one of the healthiest breakfasts out there. So what’s wrong then? Flavored instant oatmeal is again highly processed. They contain more sodium and sugar than regular oatmeal. Switch from flavored oatmeal to regular oatmeal and sprinkle some honey on the top. You can try fooling the kids saying it’s the all new honey flavored oats


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