Gut-Loving’ Probiotic Drink Recipe to Beat the Bloat

by Allayurveda
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Probiotic drinks. What can we say about them? Well you probably won’t find this at a bar, but your gut will prefer it to a pint. Below you’ll find a question and answer mesh on how to make homemade probiotics:

Q: What are probiotic foods?

A: Probiotics are naturally occurring bacteria. You can take these little fellas as supplements or eat them from whole natural sources like cheese. (Try Gouda, it’s hella’ gouda)

Q: Bacteria, why do I want that in me?

A: Well your gut is filled with trillions of bacteria which are naturally occurring. Good news is that these bacteria are good for you! They can help and promote digestive functionality.

Q: Okay, fine! But I don’t like cheese, it’s smelly. Do you have some healthy gut recipes on the go?

A: Funny you should ask, as a matter of fact we do. There are several recipes for digestive health that you can find online, but since we lead busy lives and need something on the go here’s a DIY: Make your own probiotic drink with pineapple. (And it’s deee-licious).

Let’s break down this drink for you:

What you’ll need:

  1. 1 Pineapple
  2. A knife
  3. Brown sugar, Agave or Vanilla (dealer’s choice)
  4. Mug of water

How to Make the Probiotic Drink

First slice around the edges of the pineapple and save the skin. Now enjoy eating the pineapple! Okay back to the drink… Place the skins in the mug of water, and add brown sugar, agave or vanilla to taste.

Next, pop the mug in the fridge and rest for three days. This allows the probiotics to activate naturally.

Drink… (Like we said, Deee-licious)

What Do they Do Exactly

Now that you’ve time traveled three days into the future and are sipping on that amazing probiotic drink this is a little know-how for you! Probiotics work in two basic forms. The first is that they replace the "bad" bacteria in your gut, with good probiotic ones. Almost like when a bad player gets benched for a better player. Think of probiotics as the good ones. The second way they work is as a balancing scale. They harmonize the bacteria levels in your digestive tract.

Now if you’re in a rush, put that in a thermos or shaker, and there you have our easy probiotic drink recipe on the go!

For further ideas of Indian probiotic recipes check this out. As always eat well and live better!


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