Herbal Remedies to Banish the Low Energy Feels for Good

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Ayurvedic Tips on How to Improve Your Stamina

Whether you’re an athlete or simply winded from taking a flight of stairs, there is an Ayurvedic treatment for low endurance. Here is what you need to know about Ayurveda and stamina.

Ayurveda and Ojas

When embarking on understanding Ayurvedic treatment for low stamina, we must understand how the energy flow within us works. One way to understand what Ojas means is to think of it like a life force or an energy force. In essence, Ojas is very akin to stamina. For example, at the start of your day your stamina and Ojas levels may be high, and while the day passes our Ojas and stamina wanes as work piles up. The truth is that this is very normal, and even healthy to some extent. Working a hard productive day should make you feel tired to an extent. The only point at which it gets unhealthy is when our Ojas is depleted to where we can’t function. We may even feel insipid, or depressed.

Natural Ways to Treat Low Stamina

There are herbal remedies for low stamina whether you are an athlete or just someone trying to have more energy in their day. Ayurvedic doctors recommend these two herbs as safe supplements to increase low energy.


This herb has recently been introduced into the realm of body building. The health benefits of this herb in your supplementation regiment. Studies have shown that taking ashwagandha regularly can increase your stamina in as little as week. It can also reduce cortisol (the body’s stress hormone), increase energy levels, reduce muscle and stamina recovery times and even increase physical strength. Our doctors recommend taking Aswhagandha as one or two capsules twice a day, or as prescribed.


The second most recommended herb is bala. This is another herb used in the endurance scene especially by professional athletes. It can increase blood flow and thereby boost an individual’s overall strength and endurance. Buy some here.

None of these herbs have any noticeable side effects, however please do consult a doctor before taking on a new supplement regimen.

Give these herbal remedies for low endurance a try, and be sure to check out these other approaches to rejuvenating yourself.


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