How Phosphorus can Affect Chronic Kidney Disease

by Allayurveda
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What to Eat with Chronic Kidney Disease

General Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease

If you happen to be suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) you may feel some of the following:

  • A feeling of being constantly exhausted, with a lack of energy.
  • A constant feeling of drowsiness.
  • A feeling of being tangibly drained, and at times even depressed.
  • Someone may additionally feel, puffy, itchy, irritated, with unclear thoughts and a metallic taste in the mouth while eating food.

All of these may be signs of early stage kidney disease.

What Do the Kidneys Do?

Kidneys function in a manner of filtration and blood purification. They are bean-like organs located near your lower back.

Diet for Chronic Kidney Disease

Ayurveda believes that what you consume can have a direct correlation to how feel. This is also been corroborated by Western medicine in regard to kidneys. Diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure and disease. If you would like to learn more about diabetes, check this out.

In general though, CKD generally correlates to a poor diet.

Phosphorous and Early Stage Kidney Disease

What is phosphorus? Simply put, phosphorus is a mineral found in your body. Teeth and phosphorus are connected due to the mineral being a vital element in the absorption of calcium. Similarly, bone health and phosphorus are likewise related to each other. When it comes to CKD though, phosphorus levels can rise due to the kidneys’ inability to effectively remove the mineral from our system.

This can lead to brittle bones, and excessive calcium deposits in blood vessels and even your eyes!

How to Control Your Phosphorus Levels with Diet

There are kidney-friendly foods for CKD that can help balance your phosphorus levels. Most fast foods use a type of phosphorus (phosphate) as a preservative to make food look glossy and last longer. Responsible manufacturers present these on the nutrition label. Stay away from the word phosphate as a rule of thumb.

As a note: There isn’t a specific CKD diet per se, but a what to avoid list. Using this list along with a balanced diet will help you maintain healthy kidneys.

List of High Phosphorus Foods to Avoid for CKD

Beverages beer/ale chocolate drinks
cocoa dark colas
drinks made with milk
canned iced teas
pepper type soda (Dr Pepper)
bottled beverages with phosphate additives
Dairy Products cheese liquid nondairy creamer
custard ice cream
milk pudding
cream soups yogurt (Greek type acceptable)
Protein oysters sardines
beef liver chicken liver
fish roe organ meats
Other foods

chocolate candy
oat bran muffin

most processed/prepared foods
brewer’s yeast


Phosphorus Binders

Phosphorus binders are those which regulate the absorption of phosphorus into your system. These are allopathic options, but for an Ayurvedic solution try a healthy diet change first, doing that will naturally cause your system to reduce the absorption of phosphorus.

As always be healthy and live better.


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