How Sandra Bullock Still Looks as Hot as Ever

by Allayurveda
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Sandra Bullock has to be one of the hottest celebs since the 90’s. Let’s not forget the stunning show she put on for her movie Gravity. We did our own research to reveal a few of this beauty’s secrets.

Sandra Bullock’s Celerity Lifestyle

We all know that Sandra has looks to kill. Let’s talk about what she does to keep those killer looks intact.

Workout: Sandra Bullock works out with many celebrity fitness experts including Simone De La Rue and Eden Paul. Her fitness routine with Simone includes stretching, toning, Yoga, Pilates and dance cardio. With Eden, she usually practices reverse lunges, wide squats, chair squats and kickboxing.

Workout: Sandra’s food choices consist of highly nutritious and wholesome foods. She enjoys foods like brown rice, black beans, steamed veggies and lean proteins. She consumes five small meals a day through which she gets all her nutrients. She follows a strict six-day diet and allows one cheat day in a week to allow her body to relax and enjoy her favorite fun foods. She also eats a lot of foods which are high in antioxidants like olives, fish, spinach, broccoli and berries.

Sandra Bullock Hair Style Secrets

Sandra Bullock definitely has some of the best celebrity hair styles. Take a look at her hair care secrets and how she gets her shiny, mirror-like hair.

  • Sandra admits that her complete beauty routine only takes eight minutes. She is particularly careful about what product she uses on her hair.
  • Her routine starts with a complete brushing and untangling of her knots.
  • She then washes and conditions. She puts on a little bit hair product to leave a silky texture.
  • She also believes that eating right and exercising regularly is key to healthy looking hair. If you are healthy on the inside, it will surely show on the outside.
  • She eats a lot of nuts as a snack, this also helps her keep her hair shiny. She oils her hair with natural hair strengthening oils like olive oil, once or twice a month.

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