How to Banish Water Weight for the Big Photo Shoot

by Allayurveda
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Beat Water Retention for Shoots

Want to look lean and toned for that glamour photo shoot? We can help you get rid of those extra few water weight pounds.

When it’s time for the big shoot the weighing scale may throw you off by a few pounds. Worry not, it’s probably water weight due to a little water retention.

How to Get Rid Of Water Weight

The answer is simple: diet and a few tricks.

Diet for Water Retention

The key player when it comes to water retention and diet is sodium. Or salts. Salt is unique here, in most cases salt can cure, and dehydrate bodies. But it is important to keep in mind that it takes more salt than the body's composition to dehydrate something fully. Therefore, unless you are consuming over 70% of your body weight in salt, chances are you are just causing bloating. Salt absorbs water. So the salt in your food may add to your body weight. It can even cause bloating.

The trick here is to check your labels. Most processed and junk foods are high in sodium and sugars. Big no-no for the big day. Stay away from junk and processed foods, go organic and whole instead. Limit the salt you use, or cut it out completely from your diet 3 days before your shoot. Your body will get the salts it needs naturally from eating wholesome foods.

If you need the added flavor, try using herbs and spices like cayenne, or cinnamon or chilli powder.

The Water Trick

Drink lots of water. 8-10 glasses a day. This may seem counter-intuitive but in reality water acts a flush. Without the salt in your body the excess water cannot remain. Just make sure you do not drink water an hour before your shoot so you look as lean as possible!

Supplement Tricks

There are a few tricks using supplements you can use to become super lean:

Gulkand or Rose Jam is great for water retention. Not too much though, because it is sweet and heavy and calories, but a teaspoon a day can keep the water away.

In the event that you feel bloated around the belly, and it’s not due to water and your diet is good and sodium is in control, it may be due to the fact that you are bloated. Belly bloating is primarily caused by gas or acidity. Ajwain ark can help with this, but just as a warning you may need to clear the room first. Have 2 tsp daily.


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