How to Clear up Ear Congestion Naturally with Oil

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Crispy Clear Hearing with this Ear Care Routine

Okay, time for some real talk. Taking care of your personal hygiene is a full body procedure. This covers smell, bathing, you name it. Often times people forget the small stuff like nail clipping, washing behind the neck or cleaning the ears. And this article will have you hear all the rage about ear cleaning.

What Does Earwax Do?

So earwax isn’t just an annoying byproduct of waste. No, earwax has a few important functions. It moisturizes the ear canal, keeping it from becoming dry or itchy. It acts as a guard that filters dirt and debris from the environment from entering the sensitive regions of the ear canal. Lastly, it is made up of nutrients that help facilitate the fighting off of harmful ear infections. Now a buildup of earwax is also bad, as it can in bad cases, cause severe infections.

Most of the time, earwax removal occurs naturally. It might simply fall out or be washed out when bathing. And this is a natural process. However, cleaning your ears from excessive wax should be considered as well, as it may lead to ear damage.

It is not recommended to stick anything smaller than your elbow into your ear. Jokes aside though, prodding into your ear even with an earbud can lead to ear damage, hearing loss or rupturing your eardrum. In Ayurveda natural ear cleaning remedies involve a process known as ear pulling or Karna Purana.

Karna Purana

Karna Purana is an ear irrigation process which is best done daily in the shower.

Natural Ear Drops Recipe:
First prepare the oil.

  1. Add 2 tbsp coconut oil in a bowl.

  2. Warm it slightly over low heat.

  3. Mince 1 garlic clove (we also recommend taking garlic extract daily for general immunity).

  4. Remove the oil from the heat & add the minced garlic.

  5. Cover the bowl and allow the garlic steep for 30 mins.

  6. Strain the mixture into a bottle.

  7. You can store this mixture in a refrigerator for 4-5 days.


  • Next, apply the oil gently into your ear canals using a dropper while in the shower. It is really important not to force the dropper into your ear.
  • Fold your ear flap over your ear and apply gentle pressure. Massage your ear flap gently in small, circular motions allowing the oil to enter the ear canal slowly. Continue this for a minute, but do consult our doctors if there is any pain and stop right away.
  • Gradually move your massage to the point where your ear meets your skull for a minute, then progress towards your entire scalp for another minute. After this, rinse yourself off without poking into your ear canal.

Give this ear cleaning technique a try and make sure that hygiene is a daily priority!


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