How to Deal With Sports Injuries through Ayurveda

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Treatment for Exercise and Sports Injuries

When it comes to sports, ideally according to Ayurveda, playing them should be done according to an individual's constitution. If you’d like to read more on that regard, check out this article. That being said there are several bruises, scrapes and cuts, even therapies for sports injuries one can use to heal naturally. When treating sports injuries let's cover a few basics.

Heal Wounds Naturally

From playing on the field to a paper cut in the office, we can all get cuts and wounds. Although the latter is not exactly sporty. Most wounds should be left alone, in most cases a good rinse with warm water will suffice. The fear with wounds is infection, and in the worst case, gangrene. Naturally, prevention is better than cure or treatment so let’s cover a basic simple natural remedies to treat most wounds. As a disclaimer if you feel feverish or sick in anyway after a cut please seek medical attention.

A time-tested practice for cuts and wounds is honey. This works similar to Ayurvedic antiseptic creams that work at cleaning the wound, and preventing any harmful bacteria from germinating to cause infections. Here’s how to apply.

  • Apply a good amount of pure organic honey on and around the affected area.
  • Wrap a loose breathable bandage. We recommend gauze and leaving it bandaged for about an hour.
  • Remove and clean with water.
  • Repeat this process for a few days.

Pro Tip: You can also add cloves of crushed garlic into the honey, it has great antibacterial properties. These is a great way to heal wounds naturally.

Muscle Cramps

One of the more common therapies for sports injuries involves dealing with muscle cramps. Muscle cramps can occur for a whole variety of reasons. This can range from injuring yourself, very cold weather, low levels of potassium and even poor blood circulation. The last one would explain why some people get cramps while asleep.

One of the best ways to treat muscle cramps if they are ever frequent is to eat some bananas! They are a great source of potassium without resorting to an artificial supplement.

Another cure for muscle cramps is a contrast shower, this is just varying showers that change between hot and cold temperatures. If this sounds like too much, simply use a hot water bag on the affected area. The heat will increase blood flow to the area, restoring it.


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