How to Do a Lung Detox at Home

by Allayurveda
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If you’re hearing the refrains of the all-time classic, “Every breath you take I’m watching you” that could very well be lungs talking. Every day, your lungs are exposed to so many harmful chemicals by air pollution, microbes in your air conditioning and even secondhand smoke. You need to do a lung cleanse at regular intervals to help then function well and to expel all the nasty toxins.

Here are five all-natural ways to cleanse and detox your lungs.

1. Ditch the dairy

While you definitely need your dairy intake, do go for a detox period where you discard all dairy. This is because dairy products can cause lung tissue to accumulate fat and mucus. When this happens, it strains the chest and upper back which can lead to asthma.

2. Cleanse with carrot and cranberry

Carrots are a staple of a lung detox program. Ensure that you drink at least 10 oz of carrot juice between breakfast and lunch. The juice will help alkalize your blood and will encourage the detoxification process. Similarly, drink 13.5 oz of cranberry juice in the evening. This antioxidant-loaded juice is a lung cleaning treatment in itself as it kills harmful bacteria.

3. Brew some lotus root

Grate a 2-inch piece of fresh lotus root and extract its juice. Add a teaspoon of ginger juice to it. Mix in a small pinch of sea salt. Now, add an equal amount of mineral water and heat for a few minutes. Drink this tea at least once a day. This is a must-do as a lung cleanse for smokers as it removes toxin buildup from the lungs.

4. Pep up the peppermint

If you want to know how to detox your lungs naturally, then peppermint can be your ally. There is a reason this herb is a star ingredient in inhalers and decongestion balms. Peppermint contains a powerful antihistamine and menthol has a cooling action which work together to make it an effective decongestant. It also has the ability to dissolve mucus.

Use a few drops of the essential oil for a steam inhalation. Alternatively, drink peppermint tea by steeping fresh leaves in a cup of steaming water.

5. Work up a sweat

If you’re wondering “how to purify my lungs when I don’t have peppermint or lotus root on hand?”, then hitting the gym or running a stretch might be your answer. Perspiration helps eliminate toxins from your lungs while exercising. Also, exercise opens up your locked chest so you take deep breaths. Start early in the day for a fresh burst of oxygen that’ll flush out impurities in your lungs. Go the yogic way and do a couple of breathing exercises to boost lung power.


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