How To Eat Smartly At A Buffet: Is It Really Possible?

by Mradula Mahajan
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If you are like Joey Tribbiani in any way, you know you don’t put words in people’s mouths, you put turkey in people’s mouths!

All-you-can-eat buffets are perfect meal option. They are satisfying and economical but you will also end up with a belly to take care of afterward!

Find out how you can eat smartly and healthily at a buffet.

Strategize Your Seating

seating arrangement buffet

All-you-can-eat buffets are undoubtedly tempting. Eating right starts the moment you walk through that door. Be strategic about your seating and if possible face away from the food spread. You’ll be less enticed to make trips to the food counters.

Pick Up a Small Plate

Stick with a smaller plate and avoid making multiple trips. Picking up a big plate will add to your chances of eating more, as you will stack unnecessary food.

Take a Round

do you love food

Don’t just blindly put food on your plate, choose consciously. Before you go on an eating spree, look around and scour through all the options. Rather than aimlessly piling food on your plate, load it with healthy options such as salads or soups.

Smaller Portions

If fried chicken or macaroni & cheese are staring right at you, best you can do is to take small servings of them. Choosing smaller portions will also allow you to eat a wider variety of food and still somewhere manage the number of calories consumed as opposed to just ladling it all on the plate.

Go for a Break

take a break while eating

Before making another round to the buffet spread, take a 5-10 minutes break. Use that time to chit chat and indulge in some warm dinner-table banter. It takes time for your mind to register that your stomach is full, when you are just thinking that you still got more room left.

Healthy Eating

Pile your plate with leafy greens. If you are craving for something sweet opt for a fresh fruit plate. Instead of gulping on sodas, pick fruit juices!

Avoid Overeating

avoid overeating

Start your meal with a broth-based soup to satisfy initial hunger. Have a cup of coffee or tea and lots of water to avoid overeating.

Protein and Veggies

Go for veggies that are not dipped down in butter or oil. And get your money’s worth with meat, chicken, and seafood that are loaded with protein and are often the most expensive items on the buffet spread.

Log it

how to eat right at buffet

This might sound too much but you will thank us later! Keep note of what you are binging on. There are many apps available in your app store that will instantly tell you the number of calories you consumed as and when you log them in. Seeing the calorie intake shooting up will automatically assist you in making a sensible choice.

What to do

pre buffet and post buffet


  • Skipping a meal before you go to a buffet isn’t the brightest idea. Yep, busted that myth, didn’t we?
  • Opt for easy to digest food for breakfast such as yogurt, apples, and cereals with no or less sugar.


  • Make sure you go for a walk after eating at a buffet.
  • Do not lie down or sleep.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • If you are feeling heartburn or acidity, take Amlapittantak Lauh two times a day.

What we are saying is

To eat healthy is a conscious choice. Eat with your stomach, not with your eyes. At a buffet, it becomes tough to not latch onto cakes and pies but you also know the aftermath of this adventurous event. Truly enjoy your meal and choose diet-friendly options!


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