How to Keep Your Newborn’s Skin Radiant Naturally

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How to Take Care of Newborn Baby Skin

Congratulations! You’ve brought a new miracle into the world. The world, however, may be harsh on your child’s skin. We’ve got some newborn skin care guidelines for you to help keep your little one’s skin smooth as a baby’s bottom (literally!).

Lots of cosmetic products out there for child skin care can be extremely traumatic to their skin. When looking to care for infant skin you may be inclined to consider popular baby care products, but wait. There are organic baby skincare solutions.

Natural Skincare for Newborn Babies

Ayurvedic skin care for babies means a simple approach to neonatal skin care. The skin is an important organ that serves as a barrier for your newborn. The science behind Ayurveda is to simply balance the pH levels within the environment and skin surface to a neutral level. Doing so balances the skin and can prevent outbreaks of rashes, etc. For more detailed information you can check out this study.

Natural Baby Skin Products

Here are some products you can use for the apple of your eye. These supplements have no adverse side effects to infant skin but please feel free to consult our doctors if you feel you need to speak to someone of experience.

Bala Oil: This oil is great for a gentle baby massage, it works by pacifying and balancing all three doshas. It can also be used for several other Vata disorders. You can buy some here.

Almond Oil: 78% of almond oil is fat, good fat! This oil is super nourishing to the skin and even strengthens the hair. Buy it here, this one is specially meant for babies.

Coconut Oil: This power ranger of our oils is simply one of the best skin moisturizers out there for children, and adults too. Find some here.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is not only useful to treat burns. It can also treat infant rashes. It has super cooling pitta suppressing properties. It can heal, soften and moisturize your child’s skin. For an all-in-one solution to dryness, inflammation and cracking try this: Mix neem powder, green tea powder and aloe vera gel. Gently apply on your child’s inflamed or dry areas. You can use this yourself too. Trust us you will feel better immediately. You can buy some here.

Take care of your little one with these natural skin care baby products.


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