How to Maintain a Good Hair and Skincare Routine in Hostel

by Allayurveda
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Hostel life is not as easy as it seems. Besides enjoying the freedom away from your parents, you have to adjust to the food and the people living with you. It gets tough to follow your daily routine and since our parents are not there to take care of us, we have to fend for ourselves. And it gets difficult to maintain ourselves with our busy schedule in college, extra classes and co-curricular activities.

In our packed schedule, we forget to take care of our personal care, mainly skin and hair. And it is the most important thing because skin and hair tend to deteriorate quickly if not taken care of. This is why I am always on the lookout for advice on how to be healthy in hostel.

I have tried to maintain a proper routine so that I could cope with my studies and also take proper care of my health, body and lifestyle. It’s very difficult to adjust in a completely new place without mom’s warmth and dad’s comfort but that’s the way life goes. We face many struggles and learn to deal with them. For me, apart from the emotional separation from my family, taking care of myself was a difficult task as I come from a different country, with food habits and lifestyle that was completely different compared to that in India.

So if you ever faced the same problem, just remember you’re strong enough to have an independent life. Some of the skin and hair tips that I would suggest you would be just hostel hacks my mom or friends taught me and I use them regularly.

Hair Care Tips

  • Oil your hair regularly. I oil my hair thrice a week because I have thin and silky hair, so it tends to get greasy quickly. I usually use coconut oil as it keeps my hair strong and improves hair growth. You can use any type of oil which is suitable for your hair. Warm the oil (make sure it’s not very hot) in a small bowl and use a cotton ball to apply on your hair and scalp.
  • When applying oil, massage your head in circular motion with your fingertips. This will stimulate blood flow in your scalp and promote faster hair growth.
  • Trim your hair once a month. This helps to reduce split ends.
  • At times, if you don’t have time to apply oil, you can apply a hair cream. Hair cream is a quicker way to nourish your hair.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair. Avoid experimenting with different shampoos and conditioners as it can make your hair dry and brittle.

Beauty Tips for Skin

  • Always use a sunscreen during the day. Sunscreen helps to keep your skin protected from the damaging effects of the sun. Use a sunscreen with a high SPF. I normally use a sunscreen with SPF 40.
  • Have a clean-up once a month. This is needed to keep your skin deeply clean and remove all impurities. If you cannot do it yourself, I suggest you go to a salon to get it done.
  • Wash your face twice-thrice a day. This really helps to reduce pimples and rashes on your face. Use a good quality serum helps to keep skin firm.
  • After washing, tone your face with an astringent when you come home. This removes the fine dirt that has been accumulated due to pollution.
  • Apply a moisturizer in the night to keep your face hydrated and protected.
  • Take a bath every day to keep your skin clean and smelling fresh.
  • Apply cream on your body after bath to prevent dryness.

So, there you go, guys! This is the routine I follow to keep my hair and skin healthy. If you want more hostel tips and tricks do visit to learn natural ways to live it up.



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