How to Plan Your Diet According to Your Dosha

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When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use, when diet is correct, medicine is of no need.
~Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

Once you’ve determined your dosha type, the next step is to ensure that the foods you eat suit your dosha type and devise a personalized health plan. According to Ayurveda, ‘like increases like’. Eating certain types of foods can either aggravate (increase) or calm (decrease) the energy of a particular dosha. Therefore, Kapha people, who are prone to colds, would do well to stay away frozen desserts. Eating for your body type is crucial, so we’ve outlined specially-designed nutritional advice for each specific dosha. These tips are also suitable for vegetarians.

Kapha Diet Plan

If you’re a cool Kapha, your diet plan should be aimed at warming you up.

Foods to avoid if you’re a Kapha:

  • Kaphas pile on the pounds easily so you should stay away from large quantities of food, especially at night.

  • Avoid oily and fatty foods that are high in calories for effective weight loss.

  • Cold foods like aerated drinks, ice creams, frozen yogurts, etc. aggravate Kapha.

  • You should stay away from cooling and high-calorie fruits like coconuts and bananas.

Foods to consume if you’re a Kapha:

  • Light, dry fruits like apple, papaya and date (with honey) are beneficial for Kapha people.

  • All legumes can be consumed as Ayurvedic recommendation for a Kapha diet except tofu.

  • Kapha types can also eat all spices as they are warming but need to be watchful of their salt intake.

  • Reach for that pot of honey instead of sugar as part of your dosha diet.

  • Dairy items like lassi, nonfat milk and buttermilk are preferable over yogurt, cream and butter.

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Pitta Diet Plan

If you’re a fiery Pitta, you need to cool down with juicy foods that are high in water content.

Foods to avoid if you’re a Pitta:

  • Skip foods that are pungent, spicy and salty as they heat the body.

  • Yogurt and cheese are no-nos for Pitta people.

  • Acidic foods such as tomato and pickles as well as citric fruits like orange, pineapple, lemon and lime increase Pitta dosha.

  • Don’t dress your salads with vinegar and opt for freshly-squeezed lemon juice instead.

Foods to consume if you’re a Pitta:

  • Food served cool, not cold which inhibits digestion, works best for Pittas.

  • Choose Pitta-pacifying mint, fennel or licorice tea over coffee which contains acids.

  • Opt for sweet fruits like melons, plum, kiwi and pomegranate for a Pitta-pleasing diet plan.

  • The fat in red meats can aggravate Pitta so ensure that you consume only white meats and lots of sweet fruits and fresh veggies.

  • Consume warm milk, butter, ghee, cream and paneer (cottage cheese).

  • Try rose petal jam and apple tea for a breakfast which is sweet and calming.

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Vata Diet Plan

If you’re an anxious Vata, you need to eat foods that are soothing.

Foods to avoid if you’re a Vata:

  • Vatas should reduce raw foods and salads.

  • Vata is easily disturbed with cold drinks or beverages that are high in caffeine.

  • Stay away from light, dry, crunchy snacks.

  • The only nut you should avoid is peanut.

Foods to consume if you’re a Vata:

  • Comforting soupy foods; cooked cereals; nuts; cooked vegetables; and hot milk are the best foods for nervous Vatas.

  • Stir fry or steam veggies with a dollop of ghee or a drizzle of olive oil.

  • Vatas can tolerate a more salty diet than Pittas and Kaphas.

  • You can eat salted nuts as a healthy snack.

  • A tall glass of warm, spiced milk will calm Vatas at bedtime.

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