How We Snacked, Lost Weight and Got a Great Heart

by Allayurveda
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Unconventional Benefits of Eating Healthy Snacks

Snacks are part of our lives. We’ve all felt the urge to nibble on something in the middle of work, at the cinema, or just for giggles. It’s true, snacks can make you spontaneously giggle. But snacking too often, especially consuming unhealthy calories in those snacks can give you a bit of holiday fluff around the midsection. But soft, what light through yonder caloric window breaks? Well it may not be Juliet, Romeo, but we do have some heartening tips, tricks and healthy snack facts. This will keep those pounds off!

Why Should You Be Eating Healthy Snacks?

Funny you should ask, we were just thinking about that answer. Here’s the thing, apart from the obvious “healthy” part. Healthier foods tend to not be as calorically dense. You could in theory eat a lot more. This little clip below shows some of the calorie comparisons between health and unhealthy food.

Smart Snacks for Your Ticker

Another incentive to eat healthy snacks is that it keeps your ticker ticking. Your heart. These snacks work by improving blood flow, purifying your blood and increasing healthy cholesterol. So look after your heart with these heart healthy snacks.

Smart Snacking Strategies

Some gurus might say quit the snacking to lose weight. Theoretically weight loss is achieved when the body hits a caloric deficit. So not snacking may not get you there if you get three squares all from a burger joint. Snacking smart can not only help you lose weight but keep away the hunger pangs. Here’s how.

Snacking Science

Figure.1, below illustrates how insulin and fat is converted in the body. Having three solid meals a day is represented as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each time you consume food, insulin rises (green peaks) as you can see. Over the day your insulin levels fall, when the insulin levels fall past the halfway point, your metabolism slows down and your body converts carbs, sugars, etc. into fats! (We don’t want that). Let’s see what we can do about it.


Figure.2, below illustrates the same, but with 5 total meals. As you can see below there are no blue pitfalls, your insulin levels are constantly in a state of production (apart from sleeping). What this does is ramp up your body’s metabolism, turning your body into a fat burning machine. This doesn’t mean eat five square meals a day, as a rule of thumb, you’ll want three meals at 60% what you would normally eat. And snacks at about 13% of your daily caloric intake.


Fun Fact: Studies have shown that this method of dieting: more frequently with slightly less calories curbs hunger. No more hunger cravings and you get to snack! Since your body is being constantly fed. Try eating every three hours for best results.

Snack on readers, and as always eat well and live better.


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