How Weight-Loss Massages Can Really Help You

by Mradula Mahajan
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Massages and weight loss may seem unrelated but the recent trend of weight-loss massages can really benefit in shedding extra pounds. When accompanied by diet and exercise, massages help speed up the fat-burning process.

Out of all of the weight-loss techniques, massages may not be the one that comes to mind. In reality, weight-loss massages from professionals can help in reducing stress and anxiety. It also helps in improving the metabolism, that further benefits in facilitating the weight-loss plan.

Find out the benefits of weight-loss massages below:

Muscle Recovery

After a workout, our body is in need of necessary nutrients and oxygen. A weight-loss massage boosts blood circulation in the body and regulates the exchange of nutrients between tissue cells and bloodstreams.

Improves Flexibility

A good body massage can enhance muscle flexibility and provides relief from pain that may have occurred due to strenuous exercise.

Stress Relief

A massage is a great remedy to get rid of stress and anxiety. It relaxes our muscles and calms our mind. It reduces the stress hormone, called cortisol, from our body that can make us munch on comfort food such as potato chips, chocolates, etc.

Removes Toxins

Waste products like lactic acid and carbonic acid may accumulate in our muscles due to an intense workout. A weight-loss massage can help in removal of toxins that slow down muscle development.

Reduces Cellulite

Cellulite are lumpy pieces of fat, which get deposited under the skin. It is mostly found in thighs and buttocks area. With a proper massage, fat can get redistributed which will further help in cellulite reduction.

Popular Weight-Loss Massages

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage techniques are really helpful in releasing toxins from the body. This therapeutic massage is performed on the affected areas and reduce muscle tension and cramps. The massage uses slow strokes and firm pressure on particular muscles and increases blood and oxygen circulation in the body.

Aromatherapy Massage

This kind of massage is done with lots of essential oils like St. Botanica’s Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Basil Pure Aroma Essential Oil, Citronella Essential Oil, etc. It reduces stress and fights the desire to binge eat. It also provides a fresh start for our body, making us able to focus more energy on our weight-loss regimen.

Lymphatic Massage

An actively functioning lymphatic system is crucial for our immune system. It works as the body’s drainage system and processes the fat in our body. This kind of massage is performed with light pressure and long strokes. They help in easing swelling and reduce cellulite formation, accelerating one’s weight-loss plan.

Abdominal Massage

These are mainly targeted to reduce belly fat. This massage helps in getting rid of toxins and smoothens the functioning of our digestive system. It also helps in tackling lethargy and reduces craving for comfort food.


types of weight loss massages and their benefits

Massage therapies may not directly aid in weight loss but when a particular diet and exercise regimen is followed in combination with a regular methodical massage, it will hasten the process. They relieve stress and pain and treat anxiety and depression. The above-mentioned massages will also help you relax injured tissues, increase flexibility, and stimulate endorphins. Give them a go!


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