Incredibly Intense Sports That Push You to the Next Level

by Allayurveda
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There has always been a long standing debate on which sport is the most challenging of all. Different people will have different opinions. It also depends on various aspects and criteria. Some sports rely heavily on strength and endurance while others rely on speed and flexibility. We tried some of these sports and we found them to be some of the most physically demanding.


Boxing is not only a physically exhaustive sport but also one of the most mentally demanding sports. Boxing requires high levels of mental perseverance. Elite boxers are trained to be some of the physically fittest in the world. Top level boxers train for at least 3 to 4 months for a 30 minute fight. In order to be in this 12 round fight, the athlete needs to be in pristine shape. Boxing requires high levels of physical endurance, power and durability to take on the continuous blows.


Gymnastics can easily be categorized as one of the most intense sports. It’s a complex sport that requires physical strength, flexibility, agility, hand-eye coordination and grace. Gymnastics is also one of the most pleasant and entertaining sports to watch. Gymnastics includes various events vault, parallel bars and high bar. Gymnastics, like all other sports, requires lots of discipline and years of training.


Swimmers probably train more than many other athletes. Swimming is usually underrated because people don’t understand how much training it really takes to become a professional level swimmer. They will go through hours of training, starting right from stretches, to a personalized workout plan for each session and multiple drills. Trust us, it’s been tried and tested, it’s not as easy as you may think it is. For some people, it can take up to years of training to even reach an amateur level of competition. Remember, every millisecond counts.


Motocross is a form of off-road motorcycle racing. It is a very physically demanding sport and usually organized in all types weather conditions. These races are at least 30 minutes long. Your heart rate pounds from a low of 165 bpm to a high of 200 bpm. In order to be able to withstand such high a heart rate, the riders need to dedicate everything to their training off the track too. From a strict diet, to physical training. These riders need to bring it all, every single time because their life is at risk every time they go onto that track.


Rugby has arguably been called one of the most difficult sports to play. Rugby requires great physical challenge of strength, power and ability to endure continuous shoving throughout the game. In professional rugby, the heavier, stronger and faster you are, the higher your chances are at being successful.


Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Football requires huge levels of stamina. To be able to accelerate to top speed in just a few seconds, dribbling the ball and changing direction all at the same time requires high levels of skill. Footballers go through intense training sessions and often give up huge parts of their lives to dedicate themselves completely to the sport. A normal football ground is around 100 yards in length so you can only imagine the kind of stamina required to play for 45 minutes straight at a stretch.

Like we said, we can’t ever close on the debate of which is the toughest game in the world. We can however give you a heads up on which are some of the most challenging. Before we go, we wanted to remind you, that you are good enough to achieve greatness in whichever sport you choose. Never surrender, never give up.


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