Interesting Facts about Solo Sex that will Blow Your Mind

by Allayurveda
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Solo sex is something many people don’t like to talk about but actually want to know about. Here are some really interesting facts about solo sex that you may not have known of. Also take a look at some amazing solo sex ideas for some of the best orgasms. Prove that you don’t always need a partner to make you feel good.

Why Solo Sex?

What’s so great about solo sex? Check out some of its benefits.

Natural Anti-Infectant

Regular masturbation in women can help increase their resistance to yeast infections. Make sure you don’t use any saliva as that is one of the main causes of yeast infections. Masturbation can also prevent UTIs.

Premenstrual Cramps

Masturbation ensures regular blood flow to your pelvic region. Constant and regular blood flow in your pelvic region can help give relief from cramps and backaches, which you generally experience when you have your period.

Elevate Your Mood

Good masturbation techniques can actually help elevate your mood. If you know your body well and experiment with techniques, chances are you will end up having an orgasm. This will lead to the release of oxytocin which can help lift your spirits, leaving you in a better mood.

Bye Bye Headaches

Orgasms can actually relieve headaches and migraines. Orgasms help release endorphins which act as pain relievers. The next time you’ve got a headache, you could always try having some fun while getting rid of it.

Solo Sex and Orgasms

Take a look at some of these female masturbating techniques to satisfy yourself.

Take Your Time

When you are experimenting with solo sex, it’s best if you take your time. If you’re going to rush things or only have five minutes to spare, chances are you are going to be disappointed. Turn on some nice music. Use pictures if you have to. You can even try nipple stimulation. Get comfortable with yourself and you’ll end up having some of the best orgasms.

Try Something New

Try some lube the next time you decide to go solo. Apply some lube on your index finger and gently massage around your clitoris and labia. The lube will make things extra comfortable and sensual for you, leaving you satisfied.


If you feel you need to use a vibrator, then you should go ahead and use one. Although it’s always recommended to go old school and use your hands there’s no harm in mixing things up with some good vibrations. You can start off with some gentle hand and finger movement and then move on to a vibrator for more intense penetrations and to get more blood flowing.


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