Is it True that Healthy Food Can’t be Tasty?

by Allayurveda
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Something that you do for pleasure in your leisure time, something that keeps you rejuvenated even after loads of work pressure and something that relaxes your soul is your hobby. Everybody has something that they’re good at or something that they’re proud of, except for their professional skills. I would share with you one of my hobbies, that gives me immense happiness, something that I’m really passionate about and that is cooking healthy food.

Healthy Eating Tips and Facts

Cooking tasty food is a tough job, but making sure that the food you cook is healthy enough for your body is all the more tougher and the challenge lies there. I like to cook for my loved ones and therefore, I can’t afford to miss out on the health factor.

Have you ever come across a situation where your kids trouble you, when they aren’t ready to drink milk, but instead insist on having Coke, or aren’t hungry for salad, but would be ever ready for fried snacks?

Now, you have healthier and tastier options to choose from. I discovered great alternatives to junk food on while interning here. One of the easiest and tasty snacks that I regularly enjoy is Beanfields Sea Salt and Rice Chips available at along with a vegetable dip. Always choose for healthier options when it comes to food because that’s going to keep you active and energized throughout the day.

Healthy Cooking Ideas

I am always confused about the next meal that I am going to have. The struggle always lies within choosing between health and taste, which for me is really tough, as I prefer having a healthy lifestyle, along with satisfying my taste buds. I’ll share with you some of the tips and tricks that I follow to attain both of the above conditions.

  • Add flax seeds to the vegetables that you cook, so that you skip their taste, but get their nutrients and benefits. Flax seeds reduce the cholesterol content in your body.
  • Use sea salt instead of table salt, as sea salt contains lesser sodium than the latter.
  • Eat almonds or walnuts to satisfy your frequent hunger cravings rather than picking up potato chips.
  • Have oats or cereals available in different flavors than having instant noodles or those made with refined flour. Always remember packed, readymade or easy-to-cook food is not very easy on your health.

Healthy Food Tips for Weight Loss

“Health is Wealth” as they say is really true and you need to abide by that rule in order to accomplish another fact of life which is “Survival of the fittest”. I always tend to search the web for healthier food products and healthy recipes to cook for my family and bust the myth that healthy food can’t be tasty enough to make you content.

This is for all those who love cooking – Always try to make sure the food that you cook has suitable amount of nutrients and is beneficial for the health. Enjoy cooking.


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