Is Junk Food All That Bad? Truth about Junk

by Allayurveda
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Hitting your Macros Bro?

If you follow social media, the term ‘hitting your macros’ gets thrown around a lot. You’ve probably even heard it before. But what does it mean?

What are Macros

Macros are short for macronutrients. These are proteins, carbs and fat. Now in the fitness social media community hitting your macros is critical to lose weight or gain weight in the form of lean muscle (daily). It is also used by social media to justify eating junk food, in the sense that if you hit your macros per day you can eat whatever you want. So if you ate a chocolate bar, for example, and that kept with your daily intake of macronutrients then so be it.

So is Junk Food Bad?

Well, yeah. That’s why it's called junk food. The idea behind it is that the calories behind the food do not contribute to any nutritional value. There are, however, top junk foods that could be considered as healthy junk foods. These are what fitness influencers mainly chow down on (to hit their macros).

Junk Food Myths

So junk food is loaded with extra calories from excess, oil, fats, condiments and sugars. However, each of these provide a part of our daily macronutrients. Now you won’t get your daily dose of macros from an ice cream sundae, and you will blow your calorie intake for the day.

This is because ice creams for example, are calorically dense. Instead you will want to opt for heartier junk food options. For instance, you could get a big burger with all of the trimmings as a meal. If it fits your macros, you won’t gain any excess weight from it in theory.

Now the myth is that you can just eat that food and see great results. So yes and no. You will see results, but you could eat the same macros of healthier foods, probably eat more of it, and feel better. Also you won't carry the excess goup from all of the junk food.

When it comes to losing and gaining weight, it could be argued it is a simple math equation, but the truth is that your body’s performance can respond to what you put into it. Where you may not gain weight or lose muscle you might end up feeling bloated or lethargic due to the high sodium or fat levels in junk food. Give yourself a cheat meal, but try to eat clean mostly.


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