Kangana Ranaut: Fitness and Beauty Secrets of the Real Rockstar

by Allayurveda
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Kangana Ranaut has really transformed since her debut in Bollywood as a nervous ectomorphic newbie. She has transformed into an exorbitant beauty, beaming with self-confidence. We uncovered some of her celebrity beauty secrets to help you get in shape.

Kangana Ranaut Turned Vegan

Kangana Ranaut used to be a hardcore non vegetarian. Then she decided to change her lifestyle, so she turned vegetarian and is now trying to adapt to a completely vegan lifestyle. She believes that everything is possible with willpower. Although she has mentioned that since vegan products are not very easily available all over especially Indian restaurants, it becomes a little difficult to stick by it, but she tries her best. She indulges in lots of nuts, fruits and homemade tofu. She uses nut milk for all her shakes.

When it comes to fashion and make up, she makes sure she uses animal-ingredient-free alternatives which includes make up which has not been tested on animals. She does not support any type of entertainment which includes exploitation of animals. She discourages visiting zoos and animal racing. She says that turning vegan has completely changed her life, she feels completely transformed both on the inside and the outside.

Kangana’s Fitness Routine

Kangana has worked extremely hard to transform her body from her skinny, lean days. She worked endlessly to achieve the curvy figure she has today and is really proud of it. This is what her regime looks like


Strength Training: Push-ups, pull ups, squats, running for about twenty minutes


Stretching: Kickboxing and stretching exercises




Abs and Lower Back: Hurdle training, sprinting drills, lower back workout


Yoga: Power yoga for about 45 minutes followed by 10 minutes of meditation


PHA: Turbulence training for building stamina and to improve muscular endurance



She is very particular about cleansing, toning and moisturizing her skin at all times. She makes sure she removes all make-up before she goes to sleep. She treats her hair to a hot oil massage and steaming three times a week.

Kangana’s Diet

Kangana follows a very simple and easy to follow diet. It looks something like this.

Breakfast: Porridge or cereals

Midday Snack: Light fruits

Lunch: Fresh salad, dal and rice, boiled veggies and 2 chapatis

Evening Snack: Brown bread sandwich

Dinner: Soup or a salad

Like everyone else, she too has her cheat days where she indulges in the occasional pizza or two. She mentions that she does this more so that she can curb bigger cravings later on. Sugary foods are a big no-no for her.


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