Keep an Eye Out for Your Child’s Vision

by Allayurveda
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Tips to Improve Eyesight Naturally

1. Eat smart early

The best tip for child eye care is to get the nutrition right. A diet packed with fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, milk and whole grains is a great way to improve eyesight naturally. Eggs and fish are also a must-have in kids’ diet if you want to get rid of glasses. While you can’t keep kids away entirely from junk foods or sugary snacks, avoid these as far as possible. Organic, unrefined and unprocessed foods boost circulation to the retina and lens.

2. Shield from the sun

Your child needs their Vitamin D for sure so getting a moderate amount of sun is healthy. But long-term exposure to UV light can damage your children’s vision. Make sure your children wear wide-brimmed hats and high E-SPF sunglasses to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun. Also, as eye care for children while playing sports, make sure they wear protective gear to prevent any physical damage.

3. Reduce digital strain

Love your kids’ eyesight? Limit their screen time. Improve weak eyesight in children with 10-10-10 rule. Every 10 minutes, they should take 10 (seconds) and focus on something 10 feet away. Other child eye care tips to avoid straining their eyes is by making sure the children’s room is well-lit, computer screens don’t get direct light from a window and the font size of the text they read is large enough.

4. From A to Zinc

Over 25% of childhood blindness in Indian children is because of Vitamin A deficiency. Other essential nutrients to improve vision include lutein (spinach and squash), bioflavonoids (citrus fruits and cherries), beta-carotene (carrots and sweet potatoes), selenium (brown rice and shrimp) and zinc (kidney beans, and chicken).

5. Play with color and shape

Choosing the right toys can be one of the best ways to improve eyesight in kids. Stacking cups, shape sorters, chunky beads and crayons can stimulate your child’s vision with colors, shapes and forms.

6. Every child, every year

Aside from taking care to do all the right things to improve vision naturally, an annual eye examination is a must. You should be on the up-and-up with your child’s eye health and get regular checkups even if they don’t exhibit any vision problems. The sooner they are detected, the sooner vision problems can get resolved.


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