Know the Secret to Narendra Modi’s Energy with These Fitness Tips

by Allayurveda
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If you thought your job was stressful, there’s no mistaking that Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi surely has his hands full. But there’s no denying his momentum and energy in working hard towards pushing the nation towards progress. Let’s learn some Narendra Modi fitness secrets that make him stand out.

Yoga and Meditation

Modi fitness mantra # 1 has to be yoga. The PM of India practices yoga for an hour every morning without fail. He is also famous for sharing the stage with famous yoga guru Baba Ramdev. It was thanks to his dedication to the ancient art that he declared 21 June as the International Day of Yoga. After completing his yoga session, Modi’s daily routine includes meditation to calm and focus his energies. He is said to be a follower of Swami Vivekananda’s principles.

Irrespective of wherever he is in the world, the daily routine of Narendra Modiji does not change. If you want to know how to stay fit like Modi, make no excuses and practice yoga every day.

Rise Early

What’s important to know is when does Modi do yoga? That’s key because fitness freak Modi is an early bird. He rises bright and early in the morning – at 5 a.m. Studies show that people who wake up early in the morning tend to feel happier and are more energetic than those who do not. Rising early in conjunction with yoga and meditation by Modi are crucial to his health and vitality.

Diet Plan

The diet plan of Narendra Modiji is equally special. He says that since he travels a lot he does not cultivate very sensitive taste buds. He follows a strictly vegetarian diet and prefers eating Gujarati-style bhakhri (rotis) and khichdi. Vegetarians are known to have better immunity and endurance. How does Modi stay fit when travelling? He rigorously avoids junk food and only snacks on idli, dosa and poha.

As he is a leader, a lot of people wish to listen to him give speeches and lectures. This is why he only drinks lukewarm water to help his throat stay healthy. Being a teetotaler, lemonade is his beverage of choice. Warm water and lemonade are known for their cleansing effect on the body.

The most takeaway for those who wish to learn health and fitness from Narendra Modiji is to do a detox. Once a year, he fasts for nine days during Navratri. Even when he visited the White House, he accepted only water from President Obama in observance of his fast.

We are so easily tempted to follow a celebrity fitness plan. Really, if there’s one celebrity to emulate that’s our very own PM.


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