Learn these Secrets of Weight Loss from the Japanese

by Allayurveda
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There are few cultures in the world with such rich a heritage as the Japanese. One cultural secret they have passed through the generations is their lifestyle. More so than just giving us amazing architecture, literature, martial arts and cuisine. Their lifestyle of discipline and self reflection is commentary on stoicism in the modern day. The benefits of adopting this lifestyle include a plethora of jewels including weight loss secrets.

If you were to look at the numbers, Japan has an uncannily low rate of obesity. And make no mistake Japan is a globalized superpower. If you are ever in question about that think two words — Sony and Nintendo. They have the same access to the food, cuisine, stresses and worries that you will find in cultures around the world. So why are their obesity rates so low?

Dietary Principles from the Japanese

Let’s get one thing out of the way here, people in Japan walk everywhere. So that’s their daily dose of cardio. Additionally, the heritage and culture of Japan adheres to certain disciplines that have been time-tested and passed down from parents to their children. The most important of which is discipline. This translate into their cooking, and thus Japanese weight loss tips.

What do They Cook for Weight Loss?

Simplistically. A lot of Japanese cuisine includes fish, vegetables, soy, noodles and fruit. They also include Japanese favorites like canola oil (far less cholesterol compared to peanut oil, and it will even give your extra virgin a run for its money). Bok choy, your source of healthy veggies. They also drink a lot of green tea. Green tea is amaaaayzing. It is a thermogenic which cranks your body’s metabolism into high gear and gets the fat burning. It also has sedative properties, and Samurais have been documented to drink green tea as part of the pre-battle ritual to remain calm.

Additionally and arguably most importantly they have a principle called "hari hachi hachi bunme.” Translated it means eat till you’re about 80% full then stop. Yeah stop. Also, look how pretty!

Is this Diet for Healthy and Is it For You?

Long and short… Yes it is healthy. In fact there are several studies that show the dietary benefits of Asian cuisines inclusive of weight loss. There are a few things you want to consider: limit the soy sauce (high sodium is no bueno), and swap the white rice for brown. It’s not as authentic but your heart and liver will thank you for the swap.

As for the “Is it for you?” part. Well, that depends on how much you like Japanese cuisine. Here we believe a healthy diet is more than a fad, but a lifestyle. This requires some self discipline and reflection, maybe sip on some green tea and think about whether you can sustain this lifestyle for the rest of your life. In the mean time chow down on your favorite Japanese foods. Ours is Sushi


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