Let These Natural Tips Be Your Your Skin Guard This Holi

by Allayurveda
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Yay! Holi hai! Holi is one of the most exciting and fun filled festivals celebrated in India. While we all love getting ourselves smeared with vibrant fun colors and bursting water balloons, most of us also dread the skin problems that come our way right after. We put together a few simple natural Holi precautions for your skin to make sure you enjoy Holi for the right reasons and not dread what comes after.

Oils Away

Massage warm olive, castor or coconut oil into your hair before you start to play. Make sure you give your hair enough time to soak it in before you actually head out into the playing field. If you have a dandruff problem, try adding around 8-10 drops of lemon to your oil to keep your hair well-hydrated. Use oil on your whole body to form a protective layer around your skin. This ensures that your body does not absorb the colors.

Moisten up

Make sure you moisturize your skin with a waterproof sunscreen. This will keep your skin moist as the colors will tend to dry out your skin. The sunscreen will keep your skin protected from the UV rays while you are out playing in the sun. Make sure you use it in all the places you would have otherwise neglected like behind the ears to give you the complete all natural skincare experience.

Tip: Use nail polish to add to your colorful look and also protect your nails from discoloring. You should never go for a wax, facial or a shave at least three to four days before Holi because your pores will be open and absorb more colors. Apply lip balm on your lips for added protection.

Soothing Detox

Aloe vera, rose water and cucumber – make them your best friend after Holi. They will soothe your skin post the barrage of harsh colors. Try making a natural face pack with besan and milk to help remove the colors. Don’t scrub, just apply if you have acne problems, scrubbing will irritate your skin. You can also try using a turmeric cleansing scrub. These are some of the best Holi skin care tips.

Natural Colors

Last but not the least, go natural by buying natural colors this Holi! Organic gulal does not contain all the normal harmful chemicals. This means that they won’t be that harsh on your hair or your skin. They are also very eco-friendly so it’s like you’ll be saving the environment while celebrating spring. Try to avoid using the plastic balloons filled with water as they are highly polluting for the environment. At the same time, throwing it at someone can end up hurting them.

Now you know how to protect your skin from Holi colors. Above all, make sure you enjoy yourselves! Have a safe and happy holiday!


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