Listen Up Guys! Folic Acid May Not Be Just for Mama

by Allayurveda
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A pointedly poignant subject for men is male fertility. Men don’t talk about their nethers often. However, just like not talking about your team losing the match, your feelings about anything, or in general being anything less than macho there; is some juju wisdom that men need to talk about. You may not know about it because it’s not talked about (for above said reason). Thus, to have a healthier crown in your jewels, we have some of this ‘juju’ to start that chatter.

Let’s Talk Male Fertility

Okay it’s not really juju. It’s called folic acid, it is a synthesized form of Vitamin B9 most commonly used as a supplement to help women during pregnancy.

“So what’s this to do with men?” you say.

“We’re getting there my masculine friend,” says we.

Why Folic Acid for Men

Here is the uncommon knowledge. If you are trying to bring a beautiful little baby into this world, folic acid can be supremely beneficial to conceiving, as well as the development of your child: even preventing fetal deformities. In fact, a folic acid deficiency in men is just as important as for women.

March on Little Soldiers

The hustle bustle of life can force us to compromise our lifestyles for efficiency. Sometimes we get caught up in the web of things and forget our health. Drinking, smoking and not exercising are some are factors that can take away from the quality of your life. This can affect your sperm count, causing abnormalities in the sperm itself. Folic acid for men trying to conceive can combat this. Additionally, it can increase sperm volume naturally. Check out these tips below:

Why Does Folic Acid Count?

Apart from conceiving being a numbers game; folic acid improves the quality of sperm. This not only creates more sperm, but healthier sperm that can prevent chromosomal abnormalities.

Get Some B9!

You may consider going about the supplemental means of getting folic acid, but here’s a video for a few natural sources you can incorporate into your diet. This ain’t just for your mama, and now you know about it.



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