Look After Yourself the Way Pro-Athletes Do

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Recovery Therapies for Athletes

One of the key methods in which athletes perform well is that they spend as much time training as they do taking care of themselves. Now it isn’t just getting a good dose of sleep. They use specific techniques to make sure they get the right amount of recovery to perform at their best.

Spa Treatments for Athletes that You may Not Want to Try

Thai Massage

Nope this isn’t what you watch in the movies. This treatment involves a full body movement. In fact, you are required to wear your workout gear. First you are put into various asanas. Then they throw a series of stretches at you, while having your muscles powerfully stimulated to improve circulation and healing. Not pleasant while it is happening, but the benefits are ten-fold.


A popular trend nowadays in sports treatment. Best used after a workout, here an athlete jumps into a giant chamber where everything but your head is concealed within it. Nitrogen-iced air at below 220 degrees F is flooded into the chamber. Cryotherapy is meant to boost your metabolism and soothe muscles that are inflamed. Great for recovery. Here is a video for you to watch on how it works.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Myofascial release therapy and deep tissue massage where focused pressure is applied onto specific muscles and connective tissues with a great deal of force for the latter, and gentle sustained force on the later. This type of massage may almost feel like bruising but the intense pressure works to release toxins, improve circulation and flexibility.


Cupping is another type of unusual massage therapy that aims to remove toxins from the body. It does so by using cups to create an airtight seal on the skin. This is then let on for a time period which is said to improve circulation and remove toxins. However, the research on this is mixed. Here is a video for you to watch to help you get a better visual.

PNF Stretch Therapy

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is a type of rehabilitation treatment focused on stretching and contracting specific muscle groups. This is primarily a form of rehab for athletes.


This is another form of rehab. It is even used for the treatment of arthritis. In this therapy, a person goes through a series of movements or stretches while being submerged or partially submerged in water. The water reduces the impact force on the joints while helping promote blood flow.

If you train like a pro, then you sure need to look after yourself like one too. Give these options a go, and tell us what you think.


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