Look like a Modern-Day Princess with These Ancient Beauty Tips

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There’s no denying that Aishwarya’s look on the red carpet was right out of a Disney movie! Every time we see her we think back of classical tales with gorgeous women that had the power to change the course of history with their looks.

But of course we know that these classical queens and princesses hardly had all the branded lotions and potions at their disposal. This doesn’t mean that they did little to nothing to care for their skin and hair. In fact, they took Mother Nature’s help to source skin toners, hair masks and beauty grains. So let’s unveil some beauty secrets of royalties that gave them lustrous long locks and glowing skin.

Ancient Indian Beauty Secrets for Skin

– A traditional oil bath can really revive your skin to give your skin a stately sparkle. Once every three or four days, message some warm sesame or coconut oil all over your body. Leave it on for an hour and then wash it off with shikakai powder or gram flour mixed with a pinch or two of kasturi turmeric.

– The Mughal empress Nur Jahan is always pictured holding roses and why not, she is the one who discovered how to make the oil of rose. She noticed that the rose petals added to fountains for freshening the air left an oily film on the water. She began to use this oil for beauty purposes. Needless to say, the use of rose oil is of the beauty secrets of Mughal queens that still has a reigning spot in skin care and perfumery.

– Drinking water that has been stored in copper vessels is far more healthier than the water we drink out of plastic bottles. Copper vessels infuse the water with positive energies and kill all the harmful bacteria in it. Drinking copper-stored water is also great for digestion and we all know how a clean stomach leads to clear skin. Other benefits of drinking from copper pots are aid in weight loss and slowing down aging.

Ancient Indian Beauty Secrets for Hair

– Raw honey is chock-full of enzymes that draw in moisture. This is why queens and princesses of yore added this golden nectar to skin masks but also to hair masks. The ladies made a deep conditioning mask by combining raw honey with coconut oil and applying it to their hair. Then, they proceeded to wash it off with a natural shampoo made from shikakai and soapnut.

– Curry leaf, whether added to curries or used in hair masks, was a miracle worker to stop grays and hair fall.

Speaking of a modern-day princess…let’s hear it for Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur.

The granddaughter of another iconic beauty Rajmata Gayatri Devi, Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur is a well-loved politician in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. Her beauty secret is not skin-deep but she believes the beauty begins in the mind. This is why she practices yoga every day. It works wonders to boost her concentration levels and keep her looking effortlessly glowing all day long.

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