Make a Clean Sweep of Your Body with a Complete Blood Cleanse

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Blood is one of the coolest things out there, even for us warm blooded mammals. But blood can often become contaminated while along the road of life. Read on to find out how to purify blood in your body.

Blood Cleansing: A History

The history of how blood circulates in our system was discovered in the 1600’s, but we all bled red far before that. Blood in many cultures, prior to the discovery of its circulation, was considered the spiritual essence of the bloody, the life force, the root of all ailments and happiness.

What we say is simple. Blood is the life force of the body. Don’t think so? Try donating blood and running a marathon right after. Not necessarily doable. We can tire, and even die without enough blood in our systems. And sometimes, our life force can become corrupted, spoiled and even rotten. You can however, use natural remedies for that blood cleanse!

Detox your Blood Naturally

Ayurveda has blood detox herbs in its arsenal. In fact, spring time is especially conducive for this, because it is the season of rejuvenation in nature. Ayurveda’s principles support the use of a natural blood cleanser based on a simple premise: balance. Any herbs taken to facilitate this will not aggravate your doshas, or create an imbalance in the dhatus (body tissues). It works by introducing elements that facilitate in the healthy expulsion of blood toxins without harming the body. Think of this like a flyover to avoid your morning traffic on the way to work! A bypass (without the actual surgery).

Herbs for Natural Blood Detox

These herbs are a quick snapshot of natural blood detox remedies that work by facilitating your dhatus without harming your shrotas (the channels by which toxins leave your body). They also can provide additional liver, uterine and heart-related benefits as well.

  1. Garlic: This is surely not a tough sell, apart from tasting great and having whole host of benefits from colds to acne, it reduces the bad cholesterol. We recommend just adding it to any healthy diet plan. (You may also keep your blood safe from certain Transylvanian types.)
  2. Lemon: Not just for your drinks or your salads, lemon has a detoxing and purifying properties. When life gives you lemons, enjoy that lemonade it’s good for your blood.

  1. Amla (Gooseberry): There isn’t enough that could be said about this power fruit. It can detox your blood and aid your liver and pancreas. Which inadvertently help your strengthen, purify and detox your blood too. You can bite right into this, or get to mixing it in its powdered form with powdered fenugreek (methi) powder and shoot it after every meal.

Tip: This isn’t necessarily a food hack, but you don’t need to wait till you’re in dire straits to start cleansing the flow of your blood. Start adding these to your diet now, and as always, eat well and live better!

Public Service Announcement

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