Massage Away Your Heartaches

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How a Massage can Benefit Your heart

Let’s start this article with a disclaimer. A massage isn’t a cure for heart problems. If you are experiencing tightness in your chest, or pain in your chest or limbs go to your nearest hospital, or at the very least consult a doctor. With that said, incorporating massages into your daily routine can have a lot of health benefits (did we mention it feels amazing).

What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease is a broad term describing any set of problems or ailments which might affect the heart. Heart disease is not to be confused with cardiovascular disease, the latter pertaining to blood vessels and circulation. There are many forms of heart disease, which may vary from irregular heartbeats (arrhythmia) or the inability of the heart to pump sufficient oxygen to the muscles (angina).

The disorders within heart disease are vast. You may even be predisposed to heart disease by genetics. That being said having proper diet and lifestyle can vastly reduce your predisposition towards heart disease. And if you have it, following a regimented massage plan can strongly help alleviate symptoms.

How a Massage can Help

In most cases a well-performed massage via a professional can reduce stress and anxiety, relieve soreness and promote muscular healing. Additionally the skin stimulation released endorphins into your system, giving you feelings of pleasure or euphoria. Moreover, massages can also directly affect heart health.

Heart Health Massage Benefits

Now a massage for your heart obviously isn’t invasive. By massaging specific pressure points a massage can help your heart. Heart disease is raging rampant. A massage can reduce blood pressure as well as stress. Massages can also improve circulation to areas of the body, and increase blood flow in the body. Doing so provides oxygen-rich blood to sore muscles, it also helps removes impurities and allows your heart to perform at its best. Therefore, a massage is a great way to increase circulation naturally.

You must, however, see a professional. A massage does have the ability to trigger other areas of your body. Now in most cases this can happen in forms of relief. But you should be especially careful with your heart.


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