Memory Palace: Secret To A Sherlock-Like Mind Palace

by Mradula Mahajan
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Are you also blown away by the way Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes thinks? His mind palace is like another dimension to his personality. He is able to utilize his power of deductions and solve crimes and mysteries in a matter of time!

Sherlock Holmes’ memory palace is not just a cool touch added to the character to make his personality stand out but is actually a real thing. All kinds of crucial information are stored in his mind and he can churn out this data whenever he wants, filling every person in the room with envy.

What is a Memory Palace?

sherlock homes mind palace

Sherlock has really made the memory palace technique popular all over the world. His cool coat flapping and sarcastic (sometimes straight-up mean) comments are just an addition to his charm. While most of us can only remember PIN codes, birthdays, and some handy phone numbers, Holmes is able to gather an entire world of information in no time!

The memory palace technique is also used by mental athletes to store information in a better fashion and win mental championships. The technique is something that you can excel at too. Let’s see how it works!

Choose Your Palace

mind palace what to choose

This mental technique’s name is actually a metaphor for any well-known or comfortable place that you can visualize at any point of time such as your home or your favorite childhood place. It can also be a scene, a familiar street, library or your workplace.

You should be able to visualize the place so clearly that you can mentally see and walk around there. Your mind will work as your eyes and you have to be at the palace in your mind, every time you want to yank out information.

Memorize the Features

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In order to get the best out of this technique, it is important that you remember every feature of your mind palace. This will work as memory slots that you will later employ to store every bit of information you would want to remember.

Walk through the entire palace mentally and take notes of each of its distinctive features. If your memory palace is a room, the first thing will be its door and then walk around the room remembering and observing every nook of it.

Imprint it

remember things easily quick steps

You might think it’s easy but this step is going to take effort. So, fold up your sleeves and speak out all of the features of your palace out loud. You should not miss out on any of the features. Once you are able to recite them, write them down, and finally draw it. For this trick to work, you need to remember the features in the same order and from the same point of view.

Perform imprinting exercise at different times like when you take a break from work or when you wake up. The palace needs to be imprinted in your mind.

Fill up the Memory Slots

mind palace sherlock holmes

By now, you have become chief of your little town. You need to bring your A-game for this next step, as this will involve you to visually associate information with the features of your memory palace.

This step is theoretically called memory pegging and you will have to be smart, yet a bit silly about it. Try to link the features of your mind palace with something memorable. The way you associate a feature with some kind of information should not be obvious or boring, as this is easily forgettable, it has to be some crazy, ridiculous association.

Try to animate things to remember some kind of information. Let’s say your memory palace is a room. Now, if you want to remember going to your friend’s party, visualize the party happening in the photo frame hanging on the wall of the room.

Be Sherlock Holmes

memory palace how to remember better

The memory palace technique requires vivid imagination and concentration. To be able to focus on remembering your palace, a head massage of Mahabhringraj oil might assist to help you keep calm and not get stressed out by the task.

One memory palace is able to store tons of information about anything and everything. This powerful method is also really helpful for language learners. Master the skill and live by Holmes’ words, ‘To a great mind, nothing is little!’


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