Mind-Blowing Sex Advice from Yoga Teachers

by Allayurveda
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If you practice yoga or are a yoga teacher in all likelihood you may have had to field the innuendo-loaded question, "How flexible are you?" The answer is obviously “very.” But, since you know the reason they are asking this question – that’s not the only reason why yogis are good in bed. They are good because they practice mindfulness and body appreciation out of bed which helps them during sex.

The Sanskrit meaning of the word “Yoga” is “union” or “connection.” This is the kind of body love partners should feel for themselves and for their partners. Yes, and just in case you were wondering that body love includes bringing the foundations of yoga practice to the boudoir for better intimacy and stronger relationships.

Overall, yoga strengthens your body, boosts flexibility and helps open up those tight shoulders, hips and other muscles – but here are some tips from yoga instructors that’ll guide you getting down.

1. Focus on breathing together

While the breathing sure becomes hot and heavy, focusing on breathing in tandem can improve your sex life. It’s just an incredibly intimate way to connect with your partner and enhance sensation without even having to touch them.

2. Maintain eye contact

Yogis know the importance of a strong gaze, and maintaining eye contact with your partner can make the act so much more thrilling. Things can be truly exciting when you can feel each other’s breath and look deep into your lover’s eyes.

3. Try twisting together

Supta matsyendrasana is one of those yoga poses for better sex that’s a simple and powerful way to build a bond with your partner. For this reclined twist, you’ll have to lay on your back and make a ‘T’ as you extend your arms outward. Position your knees to the right and gaze towards your partner on your left. As you exhale, your partner will push your hips away from your shoulder line, opening up the entire right side of your waist. Hold this position for a few breaths and switch sides to do the same for your beloved. Twisting is a throwback to that favorite game that soothes nerves and is an excellent way to put the play in foreplay. Make things more sensual by gently running your hand up his inner thigh.

4. Set the mood with the right setting

Don’t simply turn off the lights and go at it. Create a yoga space vibe by dimming the lights, lighting some incense and cueing up some sexy tunes that’ll get you in the flow.

5. Practice with your partner

Put a creative twist on the frog (Mandukasana), happy baby (Ananda Balasana), wide-legged forward fold (Prasaritta Padottanasana) and puppy pose (Uttana Shishosana). These yoga poses are sure to give you kinky thoughts while doing your workouts. Invite your partner to do the naughty stretches with you.


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