Monsoon Living with Strong All-Natural Immunity Boosters

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Monsoon: Natural Immunity Boosters for the Season

In Ayurveda, the climate changes caused by the seasons can cause varying changes to our body. Especially when the seasonal changes are abrupt, hot to cold, dry to wet etc. Ayurveda follows a practice known as Ritucharya which is the way of living during the different seasons, to minimize any adverse effects to your body or immunity. Here are a few snippets from Ritucharya on how to increase immunity naturally during the monsoon period.

Ritucharya for the Monsoons

In the monsoons, the excess of moisture in the air and heaviness of water that we drink can slow down our ability to process foods. Due to this, our immunity can be compromised simply because we may not be able to get the right amount of calories to facilitate a healthy immune system.

Follow these guidelines as a general idea of foods to eat in order to boost the immune system during the monsoon time.

  • Eat light and fresh foods prepared from grains like barley, rice and wheat, cow’s ghee, lean meat, lentils and green gram in daily diet.
  • Eat a small piece of ginger with rock salt before every meal.
  • On cooler rainy days opt for a sour, salty and oily diet.
  • Drink water mixed with little honey.
  • Eat warm, fresh foods.
  • Avoid salads or raw foods.
  • Drink a lot of fluids to maintain your metabolism.
  • Stay away from curds and red meat.


Natural Immunity Boosters

These aren’t only found in what you eat though. In fact, as Ayurveda prescribes, one's immunity can be boosted by what we do just as much as what we consume. So, it is therefore imperative that we chose to look after both facets of our lives. That being said, Ritucharya also prescribes certain lifestyle changes that would best facilitate the monsoon season.

Here are a few lifestyle changes for the monsoon:

  • Avoid day napping, this can slow down your metabolism.
  • Stay warm but avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Exercise in moderation, do not over exert.
  • Burn neem as incense to disinfect your house and clothes.

Try these Ayurvedic natural immunity boosters a try over the monsoon to keep your health in check!


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