Mysterious Causes You Are Suddenly Piling on the Pounds

by Allayurveda
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While the stretching waistband and the well-developed love handles might be getting you down, understand that there are some factors that affect weight gain which are beyond our control.

Here is a roundup of some of these weight-y matters and how to lose weight if your pound-piling is due to these reasons.

1.You are on the down low

Depression and weight gain are deeply interlinked. Anti-depressants can lead to an extra 5-15 pounds, which can accumulate slowly over time.

If you are not popping any pills but suffer from depression symptoms, you are equally prone to weight gain. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that those who are sad and lonely tend to see an upward curve in their weight. This is probably because they tend to comfort-eat fatty and calorific foods. Also, depressed people are less physically active.

Solution: If you suspect that anti-depressants are causing your weight to spike, speak to your doctor about getting weaned off the drugs. If that’s not to blame, then seek social support like a workout buddy and get movin’.

2.Your digestive fire is not burning bright

Slow bowel movements could be resulting in toxins building up in your body. Digestive issues caused by constipation, dehydration, medicines, low fiber or lack of healthy gut flora could be the culprits.

Solution: If you are constipated, a diet that’s high in probiotics can bring your digestive tract back on track. Apart from adding extra fiber to your meals or take isabgol (psyllium husk), drink lots of fluids to keep yourself hydrated for sustained weight loss.

3.You have plantar fasciitis

Musculoskeletal conditions like plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis and knee/hip pain could be why you are gaining weight. The simple reason is because the pain could cause you to be cutting back on your activity levels.

Solution: Try weight-bearing exercises instead of active sports. Take regular physiotherapy and seek the right yoga practitioner to help you design a weight loss program that’s right for your specific needs.

4.You’re missing out on the good stuff

Nutritional deficiencies as being low in iron, Vitamin D and magnesium can disrupt your metabolism, sink your energy levels and compromise your immune system. If you’re feeling too run down, you could be compensating with high-fat foods and simple carbs.

Solution: Foods like spinach, red meat and nuts can be added to your diet for boosting your nutritional needs. Vitamin D is a tricky one and could take a while as you couldn’t consume enough milk or get enough sun to fulfill your requirements. You can also take the advice of a doctor to determine if you need supplements.

5.You have a case of the Cushing’s

Cushing’s Syndrome is something that’s very uncommon but we are listing it here because it just might be a reason (after all, you are one in a million – one of 15 in every million more like). If you are accumulating fat in your midsection, while your arms and legs are slender you need to be reading this. Sudden weight gain along with high blood pressure, brittle bones, purple or silvery stretch marks on your abdomen and ruddy cheeks could mean a cortisol-producing growth on your adrenal glands.

Solution: If there is no visible reason for weight gain – include a blood and urine test to understand where your cortisol levels are at. If they are suspiciously high, we’d recommend a CT scan of your pituitary and adrenal glands for the presence of a tumor.


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