Natural Acne Treatment for Normal Skin that Actually Works

by Allayurveda
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Isn’t acne just one of the worst things ever? We’ve all gone through those phases where an unexpected pesky pimple would appear on your face on the night before your big date. Even if you have a normal skin type, or what they’re calling combination skin these days, acne still has its ways of creeping in. There are, however, some super sweet natural ways to treat acne if you have normal skin. Take a look.

All Natural Acne Treatment

Wondering how to treat combination skin acne? Here are some super easy acne treatment routines to be on your way to flawless skin.


The best way to get rid of acne and blemishes is with a complete cleanse. When we say complete, we mean a thorough but gentle face cleansing. You can even try making your very own gentle cleansing face wash with apple cider vinegar (diluted), honey, tea tree oil and coconut oil. Rinse your face with warm water. Gently massage the mixture on your face and neck and wash off in about five minutes. This mixture will help fight off bacteria and infections, that are present in the acneic areas.

Always Tone

Toning is a very important step in proper skin routines which some of us like to ignore. Toning is very important because it helps to restore the skin's natural pH levels. There are many DIY natural toners you can make at home. Try one with apple cider vinegar as it contains potassium and acetic acid which can kill bacteria.


Exfoliation is another important step in an anti-acne skincare regime. Exfoliation can tend to be a little harsh on your skin, so make sure you do so gently. Exfoliation will help clear up clogged pores and remove dead cells. Acne is usually caused to clogging of pores. If there aren’t any clogged pores, chances are you will have flawless skin.

Spot Protection

Tea tree oil is one of the best oils used in skincare. It is known to fight bacteria and infections caused due to acne. Just a apply a drop of tea tree essential oil on the affected area. You will be able to see results as early as the next day!


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