Natural Remedies To Treat Greying Of Hair

by Mradula Mahajan
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Premature or greying of hair has become a common problem due to current lifestyle and environmental changes. Our hair color is determined by a melanin pigment, which produces in the hair follicles by melanocytes cells. With age, these cells die and the pigment stops producing which results in greying of hair.

Check out this guide to know the causes and natural remedies to treat grey hair.

What Ayurveda Has to Say?

According to Ayurveda, greying of hair, known as Palitya, is caused due to aggravated pitta. The pitta governs the digestive fires (Agni) of the body. It controls metabolism, energy production and the way our body digests food.

Dietary Intake (Aharaja): The consumption of pitta-enhancing food can cause greying of hair. High intake of salty, spicy, fried, and fermented food products exaggerates the pitta dosha in the body and leads to palitya. Absence or insufficiency of nutrients like iron, vitamin B, copper, and iodine can cause grey hair. In addition, alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco also harm hair growth.

Lifestyle (Viharaja): Following a hectic lifestyle can be rough on your body and can become a reason for greying of hair. Excessive exposure to sunlight, smoke, and dust can also harm your hair. Over-exercising, exertion, fasting, and staying up till late at night are all contributing factors that may cause palitya.

Psychological (Mansik): Greying of hair can also be due to psychological reasons such as excessive anger and stress. The unstable pitta can cause palitya if a person is suffering from grief or depression.

Genetic (Adibalapravritta): Some people are born with an inherited tendency that causes their hair to go grey before time. Hair color is determined by the kind of melanin deposited in the hair shaft. The IRF4 gene is the first known gene that is said to be involved in production and storage of melanin and causes the change in hair color.

Natural Treatment for Grey Hair in Ayurveda


Bhringraj herb is popularly known as kesharaja or ‘king of the hair.’ It mostly serves as a main component in herbal hair products. The most popular product of this herb is Mahabhringraj oil, which enriches and nourishes the hair. It adds shine and softness to hair and its regular use results in rejuvenation of our hair. The bhringraj herb is also known to reduce tension and headache. The regular use of it is known to pacify the vitiated pitta. Check out how to perform a good head massage:


Amla has a prominent place when it comes to hair care. Amalaki oil massages improve blood circulation and reduce dry patches from the scalp. Amla’s richness in vitamin C and antioxidants strengthens hair from its root thus decreasing greying of hair. It also helps fight hair ailments like itching and dandruff.

Sage Tea

Sage tea is another popular herbal remedy that is used to regain hair color. Regular rinsing of hair with sage tea provides dark hair color. However, the herb only works as a temporary dye and the application needs to be repeated over a course of time for gaining naturally black hair.

Triphala Powder

This ayurvedic powder has three common herbs namely harad, amla, and baheda that help combat grey hair problems. It is rich in vitamin C and helps get rid of free radicals that are hindering hair growth. The Triphala powder also contains iron and potassium that helps fight palitya by providing necessary minerals to the hair root.

Mango Seed Oil

Mango seed oil is useful in regaining the hair color and balances the pitta dosha. It is rich in vitamin D, beta-carotene, and antioxidants. It promotes healthy hair growth and regular massages of this oil activate the hair follicles resulting in improved hair quality.

Kairali Kairoil

The presence of Anjana in Kairoil helps in providing black lustrous color to locks. It is enriched in bhringaraj and amla with a base of coconut oil. The all-in-one rich hair oil also helps fight dry scalp and dandruff.


The popular Indian herb boosts strength and quality of hair. It produces hair melanin, which is responsible for hair pigmentation and provides hair its natural color. Ashwagandha also has anti-inflammatory properties that help improve scalp conditions.

Winding Up

grey hair problems heal naturally

The pitta dosha is responsible for mental factors like understanding, courage, decisiveness, and forgiveness. The imbalance in lifestyle (viharaja) and dietary intake (aharaja) including psychological causes (mansik) and genetic reasons (adibalapravritta), which are primarily controlled by the pitta dosha, leads to greying of hair.  

Natural remedies for grey hair are considered safe and do not generally cause any kind of side effects. Since palitya is caused due to imbalanced or aggravated pitta, the remedies are essentially ways to calm and balance the pitta dosha.

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