Nightmares About a Bad Past? Here is What You Need

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Get Rid of Night Terrors for Good

In Ayurveda, dreams and nightmares are interpreted as a manifestation of physiological and psychological imbalances. This is to be expected as Ayurveda leans heavily on the importance of the mind and body.

Dreams, in particular, are related to the Majja Dhatu in Ayurveda. The Majja Dhatu is a reference to the nerve tissue contained in the bone marrow. This tissue stores mental memory from impressions made throughout one’s waking day. Dreams and nightmares are therefore the cause of unfinished or incomplete thoughts or actions. Now, dreams can be quite pleasant at times. The point at which they become disturbing to us, even awakening us from sleep, they are termed as nightmares.

What Causes Nightmares?

Well, it is the same as with dreams. In Ayurveda, a psychological imbalance can cause the body to have adverse reactions, not resulting in pleasant dreams but nightmares. In most cases nightmares may be dismissed as a one off, but frequent night terrors in adults or reoccurring nightmares may signal an underlying ailment. This may be either psychological or physiological in nature, and would be caused by an imbalance in your doshas. To find out your own dosha take our quiz.

How to Get Rid of Nightmares?

Firstly if you’ve noticed an increase in nightmares or terrors after the implementation of taking a new medicine, you may need to simply stop or consult a doctor to change the medicine, as it is likely the cause.

Ayurveda promotes self study. One can also study dreams and nightmares. It is often recommended to make a dream journal as a starting point to document your dreams as soon as you wake up. Journaling your dreams have other benefits which you can find below. But in the case of nightmares it allows you to document patterns, objects, people or trends that occur in your nightmares.

The study of these trends will allow you to zero into the possible root of the problem. In Ayurveda dreams are also classified into the dosha types, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Vata Dreams:

They are characterized by the presence or absence of movement. This could range from being frozen in place in terror or falling and feeling the same.

Pitta Dreams:
These are known to have a lot of intellectual focus or concern. Dreams of this nature often involve problems, studying, exams, being nude in public, etc. These dreams often lead to the stemming of anger in the person upon waking.

Kapha Dreams:
These are more emotional in nature, often having feelings of love or attachment. This could range from love between partners to the materialistic love of things.

These patterns correspond to various emotions upon which a diagnosis can be made. One can also look at other factors such as breathing patterns and lifestyle issues. Understanding your dream is just the first step to narrow down a list of possible illnesses after a consultation with a doctor. Here your lifestyle, habits and dream journal can be interpreted. The tricky part is that it is all based on a person-to-person basis.


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