Our Top Picks on Exercise Shoes for Your Workouts

by Allayurveda
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Oh hello twinkletoes. We are oh so glad you’ve stopped by, because this article is going to get you in the groove of things. So let’s get to it, our shoe buying guide to the best exercise shoes out there.

You might wonder on how to chose the right shoes for your feet? Don’t break a sweat, or your legs yet. We’ve got you covered.


The exercise are you trying to buy the right shoes for, will determine what to buy. CrossFit? A casual run? Or maybe you just want to find something that is affordable, and covers all your bases. You’d be surprised by how having a sturdy base can improve your performance.


These high intensity workouts can really put some mileage on your tootsies! Shoes designed for CrossFit are focused on being flexible enough to provide breathable footing for sprints or a run, and hardened heels for compound movements like olympic lifts. Nike MetCon(s) check all the boxes for your CrossFit needs, but more so an overall rock hard shoe for any type of high intensity training.


Its not as simple as taking one stride after another. Some shoes today even offer tech that syncs with your smartwatch or phone. But if you are looking for a solid pair of boots that would give the RoadRunner a run for his money, here is our top pick. Skechers GOrun 4-2016, available online or at your local store, this is a lightweight, flexible and cushioned shoe.


Adidas Marathon 10 ng, this is an overall solid shoe. It can cover running, jumping, and casual low intensity workouts too. This reminds us of some good old fashioned, home cooked comfort food. Mmm apple pie! This is a solid option that won’t dent your bank account.

Finish Line

Realistically, you simply need to get a pair of kicks that you get you kicking. Comfort is key here, and unless you are competing on a professional level, the most comfortable shoe will help you in meeting your exercise goals.


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