Our Yoga Expert’s Super-Start Morning Routine to Maximize Productivity

by Allayurveda
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Fitness Morning Routine With Lamya

Recently, we shot a video with our Yoga Expert and friend Lamya! Now she is not only an amazing yogini, but incredible business owner who finds the time to be innovative in her business and herself. All the while taking care of her mind and body with yoga.

We met with Lamya at the Yoga House in Bandra West. It is a beautiful location with lovely ocean green walls, and a breezy open-air feel to it, almost giving the vibe of walking through houses in Santorini. Absolutely peaceful. Our team met Lamya to discuss her morning rituals and routine.

We went in there, aiming to get a fitness routine chart, when she emphasized that the key to her day lies in her morning routine. Now this covers a small workout routine guide, to simple practices you can do daily. You can check out our FB Live video for more details below, but let us get down to the brass tacks.

Lamya’s Morning Routine

The first part of her routine is to make sure she is in the right frame of mind to tackle her day. Lamya does not necessarily focus on the order of her routine, but essentially tries to get it all done before starting it. To begin with, she primes her mind. This is broken down into meditation and a gratitude feast.

Lamya recently focuses on guided meditations. We have a wealth of knowledge on articles for meditation and you can browse our articles here. But if you’re looking for a guided meditation you can easily find one on YouTube.

In its basic form, meditation involves clearing the mind.

Gratitude Feast

There is always something to be grateful for. It could be your family and friends, or even the simple ability to read this article. We understand this may be hard to stomach but as Lamya explains the more you can practice gratitude, the more grateful you will be for your life.

Shoulder Stand

Next, Lamya moves onto her workout routine guide. This primarily involves yoga and a shoulder stand. Performing a shoulder stand is a great fitness tip for weight loss. Moreover it can improve digestion, strengthen your core and help increase shoulder strength. Naturally, this is a great fitness routine for toning as well.


One of the last things Lamya likes to do after she trains her body, is train her mind. She engages in philosophical reading of her favorite yogic teachers or philosophers on how to enrich one’s life daily. After all that is done, Lamya likes to unwind with listening and dancing to some good old-fashioned tunes.

Give her routine a try and have a wonderful, vibrant International Yoga Day!


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