Pranayama: The Yogi Way to Healthier lungs

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How to Cure Sinusitis with Ayurveda

Ayurveda has a series and wealth of knowledge on how to treat common to specific ailments. One such common malady is sinusitis. Sinuses are often the cause of an imbalance between the Kapha (water) and Vata (air) doshas in the system. The movement of water in the body may cause air blockages or build up in the sinuses. If you’d like to know more about your doshas take our quiz.

As mentioned before, Ayurveda believes in a series of treatments including of herbal medicines and practices to keep ourselves healthy. One such practice in the form of exercise is Pranayama. This is also an excellent treatment for chronic sinusitis.

What is Pranayama

Pranayama is one of the best lung exercises. It incorporates yoga for lung health, as it is an ancient yoga position. Pranayama is the process of regulating the body through the controlling of one’s breath. Pranayama for lungs and sinus control can therefore be very beneficial specifically if mastered with yoga breathing exercises.

In Ayurveda, the breath is considered to be a vital aspect of an individual's life essence or force. This is a manifestation of “prana.” In the yogic practice of Pranayama controlling the breath translates into controlling one's prana. The ability to practice and do this can help cease several ailments like sinusitis even in its chronic form. By using focused controlled breaths you can reduce the amount of Kapha buildup in your nasal passageways, and thoracic cavity. This, in turn, will reduce any air build ups. A simple way to think of this is of creating equalization like one does when diving underwater. This is, however, a lot more controlled.

Here are a few additional health benefits of Pranayama:

  1. Helps alleviate stress levels
  2. Helps with symptoms of asthma
  3. Promotes blood health
  4. Used as meditation can increase your alacrity of thought
  5. It can improve your cardiovascular health as well as reduce blood pressure and stabilize it.
  6. It can even help in weight management.

Follow the videos below for instructions on how to successfully complete and practice Pranayama. And below that you can check out 3 ways in which Pranayama can further help you.


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