Psst! Nicole Scherzinger’s Beauty Secrets and Diet Plan

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We’re back with another one of our favorite celebrity beauty secrets unraveled. Nicole Scherzinger is definitely one of the hottest women out there. These all natural beauty tips will help you go from cute to hot in no time!

Nicole Scherzinger Diet Plan

Nicole believes that sleep is a key element in ensuring that your diet plan is effective. She also ensures she stays hydrated with plenty of water and takes coconut water after workouts. Her favorite post- and pre-workout snack is bananas, or any piece of fruit for that matter. She tries to stick to bananas because they give her the energy boost she needs for her workout. She also believes that rather than following a hardcore crash diet, it’s always better to eat everything in moderation over a long period. Some of her favorite foods that are always stocked in her fridge are cheese, turkey, eggs, almond milk and coconut water.

Her usual breakfast is either salmon on toast or scrambled eggs. Lunch is usually sushi or a salad. Dinner is either a pasta or brown rice with chicken and veggies.

Nicole Scherzinger Fitness Routine

Nicole is all for yoga. She ensures that she makes time for a yoga routine regularly as it helps her stay in shape and boosts her mental calm. Apart from yoga, she allocates time for all types of workouts for her body through the week. She ensures that she works out six times a week with one day of rest. She dedicates 30-40 minutes to cardio workouts like jogging twice a week. She practices circuit training for half an hour twice a week too. The remaining two days, she spends at least an hour on lunges, squats, crunches and yoga.

Weight Loss Tips

Some basic tips from the PCD celebrity to keep you fit, hot and looking fab.

  • Try yoga, meditation and praying. It’s very important for inner peace. Treat yourself to hot oil massages every now and then.
  • Jogging and running are extremely effective ways to shed a few extra pounds. Set a good playlist for yourself and just zone out while you workout.
  • Don’t starve yourself or skip meals. This will only make you hungrier when you do eat. Instead try healthy snacking like nuts, seeds and berries.
  • Try to take your proteins early in the day. According to Ayurveda, your digestive fire is at its best between 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. This is the best time to have your daily dose of protein.

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