Real Healthy Fast Food Ideas to Get Your Kids Eating

by Allayurveda
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Quick Healthy Meals for Busy Families

As a parent your child’s health is paramount and you may often find yourself concerned with what your kid is eating. You may even find that worry doubling when you finally see your child after a hard day’s night. Also, let’s face it, children are fussy eaters and may not want to eat healthily or nutritiously. So instead of tossing the dish and opting for microwave fish fingers consider these quick healthy ideas instead.

Prep for Healthy Meals

Your kids want food that’s fun. So you may have to come up with a few tricks to ensure you can sneak in some health into their fun foods. To do that with the most efficiency you may want to consider meal prep. Think of it as a bodybuilder meets Charlie from the Chocolate factory.

Groceries to Make Healthy Meals for the Family

Your shopping list should include things that are easy to grab and delicious. They include whole grain rotis, and pastas. Colorful fruits and veggies, and proteins like lean meats, pulses and beans.

Quick Meals for Busy Moms

Or Dads! Okay now that you have a generalized shopping list we are going to hook you up with a few healthy recipes that are packed with nutrition, quick to make, and absolutely delicious: These are quick fast foods! (Courtesy of our favorite angry Chef)

Quick Dessert Options

Check out these healthy oatmeal recipes to finish up your day on a sweet note.

Engage Your Kids With Your Food

Children love games, and to be fair so do we. Think of a “Happy Meal” – if your kids are young you can get cardboard boxes and decorate them with tape of their favorite action hero or Disney princess. The engaging thrill of opening up a present with their favorite fast foods will make them feel like they are going through a journey. This is what is that "extra" in wholesome food for busy parents and in the end all the more delicious. Happy cooking!


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