Rock that Eva Mendes Superbody this Summer

by Allayurveda
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Eva Mendes has always been known for her dedication to staying fit and making her body a priority. Even if you look at her post-baby body, it’s just as flawless as it was before. Ever wondered what Eva Mendes’ workout routine looks like? We did a little sneak peeking for you to get some of the juicy secrets. We even found a great natural healthy diet for you and we’re calling it the Eva Mendes weight loss diet plan.

In a few interviews, Eva had revealed that she doesn’t compromise on her comfort foods like pasta and bread. Does that mean that she isn’t careful about what she eats? No, not really, however she does indulge in her all-time favorite foods from time to time. She also revealed that although she isn’t the biggest fan of going to the gym, she knows that it’s good for her and an imperative part of staying fit, so she does it everyday.

This super-hot Cuban-American beauty has also expressed her extreme fondness for yoga, running and light weights. She includes a lot of brown rice and fish in her diet. She runs about four to five times a week. To keep things interesting, she tries to change her routine regularly. She tries track intervals, distance running, treadmill, uphill running and so on. She makes sure that she does cardio for at least 35-40 minutes a day. Oh, and she prefers to get her dog to accompany her while running most of the times! She does her yoga religiously twice a week. She is all for ladies embracing their femininity and not compromising on their natural curves.

Wonder Workout Which Most Supermodels and Actresses Including Eva Mendes Swear By

Make Sure Your Diet Includes:

Proteins – Eggs, almonds, chicken, oats, cottage cheese, yogurt, broccoli

Fiber – Lentils, peas, Brussels sprouts, black beans

Healthy Fats (stay from trans fats) – Dark chocolates, whole eggs, fatty fish, nuts, chia seeds

Fluids – Water, milk, cold pressed juices

Complex carbs – Whole grain breads, rice, oats, corn, peas

The best part about this plan is that you are even allowed one cheat day! So you can start this diet plan without worrying about giving everything up.

Everyone knows that a diet goes hand in hand with exercise. You cannot expect results without practicing both together.

Your Exercise Plan Should Look Like:

Cardio warm up – 5-15 minutes

Upper body moves – 10 minutes

Lower body moves – 10 minutes

Fat burning cardio – 15 minutes

Light weights – Can be every alternate day for 10-15 minutes

We’ve given you the optimum diet plan to give you stunning results. Now everyone can have a body like Eva. We promise you will love this. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy your cheat day! Happy dieting!


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